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 New snake owner

So me and my husband recently got a 2 month old red albino corn snake. Despite our best efforts our son fell in love with the one at the pet store. And to no one’s surprise he had mites when we got him home. We have treated the cage with NIX since PAM isn’t readily available here and I dint want to wait and let the infestation get any worse than it was. Snake is being treated with daily baths that starts as spring water and after 10 minutes we add betadine to help the mite bites he has. He seems pretty happy despite the mites and yesterday he downed 2 pinkies no problem. I’m just wondering how long did it take some of you to get rid of mites. Also he just started blue phase today should I raise humidity to help him right now it’s at about 50% is that enough?

08/02/16  02:12pm

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