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RalphsMomS   Icearstorm  

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 Worried and curious, please help !

My corn snake hasn’t moved in days, he is alive, but it is unusual for him. He is always active sometimes he does take a break but not this long. We moved over a month ago to a new state and we got him a new encloser, we let him be to get familiarized and after about a week started handling him again and fed him. The past two weeks I have been changing his diet from F/T to live by giving one F/T then one live per feeding.He shed between feedings. He ate over a week ago so I let him be for a couple days but noticed that he hadn’t come back out. The weather is hot here but his temp and humidity are both at a good place. He is balled up on his cool side under his bedding and when I pet him he just looks but doesn’t move. I take it he doesn’t really want to be bothered so I didn’t pick him up, but I worried something maybe wrong. I’m not sure if it’s because the diet change or what. What should I do?

06/16/16  05:14pm


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  Message To: RalphsMomS   In reference to Message Id: 2318816

 Worried and curious, please help !

Has the photoperiod changed recently? If it’s not illness, then the inactivity may be related to brumation/hibernation, though I haven known of snakes brumating at high temperatures... Look for other signs of illness such as mouth plaques, different stool consistancy, or sneezing. If there don’t seem to be anything else wrong, then the snake might just be acting moody.

06/22/16  08:01am

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