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Dj henry
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 Heating a 40 breeder

hey guys im new to the forum and was wondering if anyone knows what wattage light bulb i need to get the hot side of my 40 breeder tank to 85 degrees and the cool side to 70-75?

08/29/15  12:53pm


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 Heating a 40 breeder

Get an undertank heater. the least expensive 4-8 watt not stick it to the glass with the adhesive...rather use a slightly larger piece of cardboard and tape the cardboard to the glass making a sandwich ....for lack of better words.

The UTH will heat the glass to 102-105 F ... add some substrate inside of course and the snake can burrow as it desires to reach a happy temps or reside on top.

Specifically 100 watts of light will heat a stone to 100-105 at 12"
wooden branches etc will reach 95 F at 12"

Jump down to the local Harbor Freight and get one of these for accurate measurements

Temp Gun

With this little tool you can measure any surface you indispensable tool for all herpers.

Here is the UTH I use
Zoo Med UTH

I also live in Utah and the temps can get into the low 70’s in the house in the winter... still my snakes and other lizards do just fine. King / corn/ bull snakes all do fine in 70-80 F temps... My large constrictors remain at 85 F via RADIANT HEAT PANELS.

Since the 18" height of the 40 breeder is higher than 12 " I would think a ceramic heat element might work out better...approx 100-150 watts but those run about 25-35.00 bucks depending...look at AMAZON


This will allow you to heat the enclosure day and night without disturbing sleeping habits. I see no reason to use a lamp personally ...and I do not use them.

If you need to lower the temps slightly you can employ a lamp dimmer sold at Lowes or Home depot
Handles up to 300 watts so no worries there

Lamp dimmer

Ok ...anything else??

08/29/15  05:49pm

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