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 First time snake owner

Im looking to get a corn snake as a class pet. Will snakes from Petsmart or Petco be good animals? Should I buy from a breeder?


07/09/15  08:00pm


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  Message To: Mpearce83448   In reference to Message Id: 2314189

 First time snake owner

A breeder is better and a snake wouldn’t make a good class pet...reptiles like quiet places

07/13/15  12:29pm


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  Message To: Takahiro111   In reference to Message Id: 2314224

 First time snake owner

I differ with tak..
I have quite a few snakes corns ... bull snakes ... kings... and larger boas and pythons.

In the 70’s I was the kid who brought a snake to school with the teachers permission to keep it on display for a month in the classroom. All the kids enjoyed it and the snake did very well with regular eating habits and living in the enclosure in the classroom.

I know a few other instructors that still do it to this day ...

The question of where to obtain the snake is debateable. I do agree that a breeder, if reputable is a better choice. #1 you can cut out the middle man.
#2 you have a reasonable chance of getting better advice ...eating habits and schedules from a breeder.
I have successfully bred my corns just for fun and have a few ranging from 1 -3 years of age + parents...just cant seem to part with them. LOL

Now , if you cant find a breeder the chain stores can and do sell nice corn snakes. Make sure your investment is protected by their 30-60 day health program or refund policy. Inspect the snake at the store completely.

Clear eyes ...unless preparing for a shed.
Healthy size and weight. 1 year 1 foot...2 years 2ft.... 3 yrs...3 ft etc. until adult 4-5 ft.
Weight should be calculated in grams 1 yr approx 100 grams...2 yrs approx 200 grams etc
no visible scars or scale deterioration on the belly as well... dark tinged belly scales that appear to be jagged and rough as if eaten by an insect indicates scale rot...too much moisture.
easily remedied with neosporin and drier conditions.
No aberrant behavior .. such as rolling over and looking impaired with poor motor star gazing a term applied to snake with neurological disorders ... attempting to raise their head...wobbling in the process and fixed gaze upward ... with lack of mobility... or actually wobbling so bad they fall over. it is quite distinct.

Normal behavior will be well balanced with good muscle strength wrapping on your wrist / hand / fingers... curious and eager to explore.. tongue flicking and smelling the atmosphere... even striking if it feels threatened or very young. Strikes of this nature are a head butt type of strike and they usually do not bite and hold fast. Often accompanied with a huffing / hiss ... quite harmless actually

Parasites.....(MITES) if you purchase a snake and take it to it’s new home ...isolate it first in a container with a lid... poke some breathing holes in the lid ..fill the container with enough water to immerse the snake completely allowing just enough clearance for breathing and head room.

Soak for 20-30 minutes ... look for black poppy seed size specks to float off the snake to the bottom of the container.
If this occurs keep the snake isolated on paper towels and do not allow the snake to have bedding until you get the store to provide a mite remedy. Or return the snake and get a refund ....or treat for mites and do some homework to save the snake from the awful little pests .

PROVENT A MITE is a great method to remedy mites but do follow the instructions very closely.

vegetable oil / olive oil / baby oil...helps drown mites as well but if your snake has contacted any materials in an enclosure you will have to treat those items as well or use heat to kill the mites ...bleach soaks etc.

Other than all this ... snakes make great pets in or out of the classroom. Educating the young people of today will help them be more aware and less fearful of this amazing creature.


other forums regarding mites and snakes

More about mites

The actual product itself 20.00 + shipping

Many folks use a human shampoo with success ... snakes are relatively easy compared to lizards.
Reptile mites can not be transferred to any other mammal / human.

Good Luck with your venture

07/13/15  01:56pm

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