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Sacko   Cphill58  

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 Heat mats and opinions

Heat mats out side underneath or inside on a wall??

03/18/14  12:39pm


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  Message To: Sacko   In reference to Message Id: 2304106

 Heat mats and opinions

I use them extensively...OUTSIDE...on the bottom or side...
since I hate to waste energy i will cut a piece of styrofoam slightly larger then the heat pad and tape the styrofoam to the glass....thus I never have to waste a heat pad during transfer to another enclosure.

I also employ a dimmer switch such as a LAMP DIMMER capable of handling 300 watts (standard) available at LOWES or The Home Depot 12-14.99 allows me to regulate the temps with ease....
Lamp dimmer
To measure temps accurately I use 1 of these
temp gun

03/29/14  07:59pm

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