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 My baby is alive!!

Today I found the first corn snake I owned after she has been missing for 9 weeks! ! I am overjoyed :-) I was sitting on my sofa watching my fish when I noticed her stalking them from behind the metal reflector behind the bulb at the top of the tank. Although alive she has not come through this ordeal unscathed :’( she has a large burn about 2inch from the underside of her jaw!!!! I gave her a rather large fuzzie and it made the wound open. very happy its a miracle she is alive but Im also worried i have done the wrong thing by giving her such large prey?? I just thought she needed a good meal and didn’t realise the extent of the damage although she did manage to pass the mouse past the wound.......Help please! ! Any suggestions/comments will be greatly appreciated. .

10/19/13  05:33pm


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 My baby is alive!!

well congrats...My corn snake of 4 years escaped and a stranger living 150 yards away found it in her garage...she posted a sign on the telephone pole, but I never saw the sign...1 day she came over to my house cause everyone knows us as the weirdos on the block with a large iguana in the window basking everyday. The snake was alive and thirsty..with battle wounds from a cat or maybe a bird of prey or large tree rat ...something tore it up pretty good...bit marks and other long scratches were apparent.

Here is what I did...I have a reptile first aid kit (made of various items) on hand.
Betadine solution from the drug store (expensive)
triple antibiotic without pain reliever
foam type ear swabs
dollar store plastic shoe box with appropriate holes drilled for breathing (1/4")
various plastic feeding syringes and long handled tweezers

Place the snake in a solution of Betadine and water 50/ must dilute the Betadine other wise it is too strong for animals. Often the snake will attempt to drink...soak in water for 2-3 minutes so the snake does satisfy his urge...then switch the liquid to the 50/50 solution
Wash the chin and affected areas for 5-10 minutes...gently with a soft cloth or sponge do not allow the snake to drink the solution. Betadine will kill bacteria and soothe the wound promoting better healing and fighting infections. it is a topical wash for cuts / burns/ bites / stings and more. It is safer than Iodine and will not destroy tissue.

Next rinse and dry the snake, then apply triple antibiotic by hand or with a foam ear cleaner. a little goes a long don’t go overboard.

House your snake on paper towels only so no substrate gets in the wound for a few weeks..or maybe a shed or 2

Repeat the procedure as often as you like ..hopefully 3x a week. If it is a feeding day you can feed 2 smaller items instead. and forego the soaking/ triple antibiotic. do it the next day.

My snake healed wonderfully within 1 shed things looked much better and he is him old self again ...a few scars remain but in time they will also fade

He really isn’t aggressive at all...this happened when I was feeding premie rabbits that were frozen thawed ...I musta smelled delicious...LOL The longer I fumbled with the camera the more of my finger he swallowed...after I got the pics I had to douse him under some running water...he is such a charmer!!

10/19/13  10:04pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2301817

 My baby is alive!!

Thank you for your comments Cphill58, I have decided to leave her aalone until her next shed!! I tried to bathe her and she struggled so much I felt I was doing more harm than good! ! Ive come to the conclusion that she survived thru natural instinct to find warmth, water and food. So I asked myself what she may seek out as a natural sunburn ointment??? ?............Aloe vera!! an iinexpensive plant found In the natural habitat! ! As i own an aloa vera plant I applied the gel directly to the wound and she is looking stunning again!! (I used un~processed gel direct from an aloe vera plant)!!! Less stress on her, less strain on my pocket.. we are all happy :-)

10/23/13  06:07pm

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