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Nuff Sed   Jayder85  

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Nuff Sed
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 Red rat/Grey Rat

I have had a small Red Rat snake for several months and it is doing well. This week someone gave me a wild caught Grey Rat snake a bit larger. I put them together a couple of days ago but the Grey seems to be displaying what looks to be defensive behavior though he has not struck at the Red. Is it best to keep the two in separate cages? Thanx... Nuff Sed

05/31/13  07:42pm


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  Message To: Nuff Sed   In reference to Message Id: 2298033

 Red rat/Grey Rat

Unless you are breeding, I highly recommend keeping them in separate enclosures. The fact that you have two different species, although similar, I would recommend keeping them separate and not attempting to breed them.

06/11/13  06:02pm

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