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 Fir bark??

I just bought a bag of "All Living Things Fir Bark" for my daughters cornsnake. There was a picture of a snake on the bag and I neglected to look on the back to read if it was suitable for cornsnakes. The bark had a strong odor, and I’ve been looking online to see if it is toxic to them. Half of what I’ve read says it is toxic to them, the other half says it isn’t. I’m super anxious that this poor snake is going to be dead by morning! Does anyone know FOR SURE if fir bark is or isn’t harmful to corns?

04/26/13  10:53pm


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  Message To: Spirojo   In reference to Message Id: 2296358

 Fir bark??

Try to help here
The resin in pine/Fir tree bark is hazardous to reptiles i personally would not yous it

04/27/13  12:26pm


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  Message To: Dafty   In reference to Message Id: 2296374

 Fir bark??

Better to be safe than sorry. I’d stick with aspen.

04/27/13  03:54pm


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  Message To: Sandboaking   In reference to Message Id: 2296380

 Fir bark??

Aspen bark or walnut hull is preferable and with the walnut hull if they ingest alittle it’ll pass safely without impaction

07/07/14  02:49pm

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