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Slips the snake   Breezybri  

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Slips the snake
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 In need of HELP...New Corn Snake

We are in need of some help, my partner and me brought a corn snake off a lady in east London, she wasn’t very keen to hand over any information about the snake except that it was friendly and ate well, we asked to see the snake and for us to handle it. The lady got the snake out the Viv and gave it to us, the snake was very calm and it looked beautiful by its colours, both myself and my partner fell in love with it stright away and agreed to take it home with us. The lady told my partner that she has been feeding it "chicks" 1 every two weeks and the way she did it is by defrosting the chick and then boiling it and feeding it to it.
We have now had the snake for a week and do everything we can to look after it the best we can, we have it out the Viv for about 20 minutes a day and handle it because it is really friendly, our 6 year old son also handles it. We took it to a reptile shop the day after we got it to find out what sex it was and what to feed it and how often, the shop keeper advised us he didn’t think it was female as he couldn’t feel any eggs however the snake looked constipated and to get it to a reptile vet (we havent done so yet as we’re trying to find a good one which no’s a lot about snakes!) he also told us that feeding it chicks is very bad and should be on adult mice once a week, so we brought frozen mice for it.
Everytime we put the snake in a seperate tank for feeding it poo’s a lot, it has also been sick once and was only a little. we have tried to feed him three times with a mice just defrosted and once with a chick defrosted and then we tried to fed it tonight with a chick, we defrosted it and then boiled it just to see if that helped but unfortunately it didn’t help and it wont eat.....please can somebody help us, we are really worried about it and need help as to what to do until we find a vets for it!!! Many thanks

03/10/13  07:23pm


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  Message To: Slips the snake   In reference to Message Id: 2293526

 In need of HELP...New Corn Snake

Well I’d would say that 20 minutes a day is a little excessive especially in a new environment. I would only hold him for about 15 minutes 4 times a week until he settles in to his new home. Just monitor him/ her And make sure he/shes drinking water and I would also try feeding him a live mice. I’m not sure what size mouse though. Do not leave him unattended with the live mouse. Do you know happen to know any information on the snake. Weight in grams, length. Maybe you can post a pic.

03/14/13  07:50pm

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