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 New snake owner. :)

I was hoping you guys could help me. I was referred to this website on yahoo answers, and i gotta say, members are great. I already got a lot of info from other threads with similar questions. But i had a few of my own.
Any help is appreciated.
1. what is the scientific name for my snake?
2. What size does this specific corn snake reach as an adult.
3. One side of its home is 80• while the cool side is only 69•. Is this bad? I hear 70 is usually the cut off, but will 69 really be bad for my new friend? Florida is getting some cold weather so it ranges from 65-75. I have both a warming pad and a light. Should i use the light on the cold side to get it to low 70’s? Or will having the lifght on one side and the warming pad on the other cause problems?

For people wanting to answer #1 and #2
Unfortunaly im on an iphone and it wont let me upload a picture. :/
But if you email me i can send you a picture.
On the subject put "corn snake".
My email is iskate0413 @ aim
Thank you.

03/05/13  11:33am

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