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 Very Confused. Growth problem

OK so I have been a snake owner for a couple years now and I’m very proud of it. But the snakes I started with haven’t really grown that much. They are almost 3 years old now and just made it to what i believe is 2.8’. To me that sounds a little strange since I have seen other 3 year old corns that are 4’+. It worries me a bit. I feed them one hopper a week and they just don’t really get any bigger. I’ve been told that i should switch to rats that are the same size as the mice since rats have more meat on them. Unfortunately no one where I live sells rats and the next place that does that i know of is about an hour away. Also Marley(a motley corn) is having a shedding problem. I soaked him for a bit but when i put him back after soaking he just sat there. He also gets aggressive after soaking :/. And both of them get aggressive after eating but, i guess that’s normal. Basically I really need the growth and shedding problem fixed. I’ll try to have pictures up later.

02/24/13  03:35am


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 Very Confused. Growth problem

Imo your feeding problem is just a simple fix. Feed them two hoppers. Then go up to the small mice and so on. As far as the shedding problem, I’d say spray the cage and set up a humidity hide. Put some damp paper towels or moss in a deli cup with a hole in it. That should solve it. Good luck!

02/25/13  08:35pm

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