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Leopardlizardowneruk   Cphill58  

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 1 year old corn snake?????

Just got a one year old corn snake as I was wondering how long she should be and what size of food she should be on

12/15/11  01:48pm


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  Message To: Leopardlizardowneruk   In reference to Message Id: 2247273

 1 year old corn snake?????

It really depends on a few things ...was the snake eating well prior to you getting it? Every week or 10 days...
I sold two corns at 3-4 months of age ...last week I had a chance to visit them. They are much longer (24") about and as thick as a Sharpie marker They are now about 6-7 months old...they are eating machines despite the colder weather. They are offered food every 7 days

This person also has a snow corn that is supposed to be 4-5 months old and it looks like a hatchling. Obviously the snake is not eating as much and she did tell me of the poor previous care. Hopefully in a year or 2 it will be a good breeder and grow properly.

So what size feeder...?

At 3-5 months they can easily eat a fuzzie ..or 2 at one feeding. At 7 - 12 months I would offer 1 hopper or small sub adult mouse ....but remember no larger than 1.5x the thickest part of the body....2 smaller items will be OK also. You will have to experiment a little and make the final decision.

12/18/11  01:59pm

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