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 Hacktool.rootkit Computer Virus Fix

Recently my sister received a virus called hacktool.rootkit on her business computer which was very devastating for her since she does consulting work for some very large companies and lost two days of work. From what I have read it can be difficult to remove, especially since the virus affected her internet connection which made it impossible for her download any fixes. I have read through a bunch of websites and information and finally stumbled upon a manual solution provided by Microsoft and read through the instructions with her over the phone. I figure I would share it with everyone since I had such a hard time finding a solution myself.

hacktool.rootkit Solution

These instructions are apparently for windows 2003, 2000, and XP, although I have only tried it on windows 2000. They are very easy instructions to follow as well.

After following the instructions from the web page above make sure you update your windows service paks and your virus protection software. Also another recommendation if you do not already have it is to use a software firewall. There are a few free ones out there I personally use Kerio Personal Firewall but there are many other good programs out there as well.

I hope this thread will come in handy for anybody that runs into the hacktool.rootkit virus.

Doug - Webmaster

07/05/05  01:32pm


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 Hacktool.rootkit Computer Virus Fix

i have experienced this kind of virus too.. this virus destroyed my sound system and I can’t play any songs anymore in my computer. It always says that there is a problem in your sound system and there is no installed sound software...

question: Could you help me? Could you give me any solution to this- on how can i bring back to the sound sofware in the computer?

Thanks in advance...:)

09/05/09  09:12pm


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  Message To: Heyday   In reference to Message Id: 2068177

 Hacktool.rootkit Computer Virus Fix

what you’ll want to do is get into your device manager... you can do this by going into the control panel and opening up the system icon. In there you’ll see the hardware tab. Once in that tab, click on the device manager button at the top of the page.

You should now have a screen with a long list of devices.. towards the bottom you’ll probably see the sound devices and your sound board probably has a yellow exclamation point on it. if you right click that you can choose "update driver" and let it go out to the internet and find the correct one or it may re-install what you already have on your computer.

Let me know how that goes - if that doesn’t work, we can probably get the driver from the computer manufacturer website.

09/09/09  10:37am

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