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Sean Jennings
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Article Summaries
Obama hasn’t forgotten Iowa
Although the President is running unopposed in his own party, he hasn’t shied away from Iowa knowing that the Republicans attention and campaigns there could persuade undecided voters to vote republican in next year’s election. Although he has only had 6 events in the state compared to the GOP’s 700, it’s not like he’s not acknowledging this key battle ground state. In fact Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich who are just setting up their offices in the state are far trailing the eighty offices that Obama has in Iowa. The President is clearly ready to fight for this battle ground state. The party however fear that he might have been already damaged a lot by the republicans slander campaigns and ads. Obama’s campaign says that they will start campaigning there Jan. 4th after all the other people have left Iowa and moved on to the next state.
Holiday showdown over payroll tax tests Obama, GOP
Both Obama and the Republicans are in a slug match over the prevention of an increase to the payroll tax to 160 million workers. The two sides both agree this shouldn’t be happening but are both too stubborn and frightened of bipartisanship to come to an agreement. Obama is said to be prepared to throw his presidential weight around and muscle the Republicans into submission. The republicans are too inexperienced to realize that the president comes out on top during these kinds of battles. If this is not stopped people making over$ 50,000 could see a $20 per week increase in their payroll taxes so the hope is to kill this for at least another year. But the problem comes with the President using “fighting words” and the Republicans trying to show that they’re not willing to negotiate with Democrats.
Washington Stalemate
The issue over the increase in the payroll tax is that there is only a very short window left for the House to figure it out yet they seem to be moving at a snail’s pace. John Boehner even said that he needs the president to help out. This has been a yearlong standoff between the two yet it seems that now it might finally being turning in the Democrats favor unless this is another plot to make Obama look weak by bullying things in at the deadline. They say that dozens of Republicans have been flexing their muscle in congress to get things passed and are muscling policies into law.
Court to Weigh Arizona Statute on Immigration
The U.S Supreme Court has decided to hear three separate cases that could in turn swing the vote for both the presidential race in 2012 as well as the house’s race. The laws in question are the Arizona Immigration law, how Texas will hold their elections and the 2010 health care overhaul. The Texas case could change the seats of up to four house members from the state. The Arizona law could help Barack Obama win votes with the Hispanics and also helps make the right look very bad. The decision on the Healthcare issue will come to court in June and will play a very big part in the election which will occur just six months after. People are comparing these cases to old blockbuster cases that occurred during FDR’s terms and Clintons which both helped swing votes in their favors. People fear though that the Supreme Court is becoming a forum for politics rather than law.
Obama Approval Rating Shows Sings of Rebound in Two Polls
Barack Obama is gaining momentum again as he begins campaigning for his reelection to presidential office. 49% of Americans approve of Obama’s handling of his job even though 56% disapprove his handling of the economy yet still this number is dropping slowly as we crawl out of the recession. Obama is benefiting from the economic growth and the battle between the republican candidates who seem to be making the race into more of a spectacle than a serious national issue. But also the housing market is up, including the building of new houses. Also in a new poll 44% of Americans are optimistic about the future of this country and the future of the economy. Other polls are as high as 55% optimistic. Yet he will still need to improve these numbers if he wants a strong chance of reelection in next year’s election.

Sean Jennings
Campaign Manager Project

Barack Hussein Obama Jr. the 44th president of the United States has a colorful past hat differs from most the other presidents that preceded him, who were brought up in affluent and sheltered families. This interesting past makes him the most diverse and most worldly experience of the candidates in the 2012 presidential race.
Barack Hussein Obama was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on August the 4th, 1961 to Ann Dunham and Barack Obama Sr. When Barack was only two years onld his parents divorced, later on his mother moved the family to Jakarta, Indonesia and remarried there. He stayed until the age of ten when he was sent back to Hawaii to live with his grandparents. In Hawaii, he attended Punahou Academy where he graduated with honors in 1979. Even through the success Barack felt the pain of growing up with his father in his life. When asked about how he felt when his father died when he was twenty two Barack says “…My father remained a myth to me both more and less of a man”.
After High School he attended Occidental College in Los Angeles for two years before transferring to the prestigious Columbia University where he graduated with a degree in political science. After which he enter Harvard Law School in 1988. In 1990 Barack became the first African- American editor of the Harvard Law review. Then in 1991 he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law. With his new degree Obama went to Chicago to practice law as a Civil rights Lawyer. Then in 1992 he became involved with Clinton’s presidential campaign.
In 2000, Obama ran for the House of Representatives against Bobby Rush, in which he lost. Not put down by this Barack chose to start campaigning for the 2004 senate seat of Illinois, in which he won with 70% of the vote in a landslide victory.
In the 2008 election Barack won the Democratic presidential nomination narrowly beating out many opponents. He went on to go against Republican John McCain who he beat in the national election to historically become the 44th president and the first African-American president.

Sean Jennings
Campaign Manager Project

The Middle Class Agenda
Barack Obama understands that the plight of the middle class is far more important than that of the upper class that is far better off, and also are a much smaller portion of the country which shows a good leader as well as a smart politician going for the votes. The middle class is struggling with the average household income declining with inflation growing ever higher. Obama says that the Republican idea that the market will regulate itself and left to its own device will grow and give prosperity is nothing more than a pipe dream because American families depend also depend on government. The president also talked about the need to create jobs especially in the field of technology and upgrades to the infrastructure. Obama also needs to get rid of the idea that short term benefits are not worth the long term environmental disaster that is bound to come if we do not get off the oil addiction that we have. Obama is also in need of being tougher on banks and needs to do a better job of keeping families in their homes. The idea that if we just cut we can get out of this deficit is a horrible idea with a lot less harsh cuts and raising taxes on the top percentile we can get out of debt quicker as well as provide assistance to the citizens of this nation.
Obama in Osawatomie
Someone seems to have lit a fire under Obama before his speech in Osawatomie, Kanas as he shows that he is going to debate the Republicans head on over the income inequality and the to help the middle class. He wants to change the “you’re on your own economics” of the past and the ways of the past that only were beneficial to the top percent. I’m glad to see that he is getting more aggressive because he has been very passive during his term in office, which really can’t be blamed on him because no matter what he does the Republicans say he is doing the wrong thing as well as the fact as he doesn’t have the backing of the majority of congress. I don’t understand how people can vote for politicians who don’t have their best interests at heart. How can republicans vote for the politicians who are there to protect the top percentile when they are not in the top percentile? Especially when corporations are reporting record profits by cutting waste and also cutting the quality of the product that they’re putting on the shelves.
A Fraction of a Tax Cut
The fact that the Republican Senators forced Obama to make the decision on the Keystone XL oil pipeline in the next 60 days is both a good thing and a bad thing for Obama. It is a good thing because if he does indeed reject it, it shows that he will stand against the republicans and stand up for the environment. It will seem bad because it forces him to reject a deal that will create jobs which is a big debate topic and will be used against him in the future, especially with the republican’s addiction to oil which almost makes me think these rats were weaned on the stuff since birth. Another factor is how the republicans are misinforming people saying that this job will create millions of permanent jobs when in fact it will only create a few jobs and is an environmental disaster waiting to happen which will just like in 2010 cost the taxpayers millions if not billions. The only reason I choose to bring up the subject of cost to the taxpayers it seems that money is the only thing that the republicans seem to value higher than Jesus.

Expanding the Fight against AIDS
Obama continues the only good thing that George Bush did in office and that is expand the search the study of AIDS especially in Africa. This is showing America’s value as a world power and ability to show compassion for others outside our own country seeing as of right now we do not have a great foreign image. This also goes in stark comparison to the republicans who believe that cutting aid to other countries with the biggest opposition to this being Ron Paul who believes that we need to cut all AID to other countries. This is what separates us from China and why China will never be a “world power”, they lack the concern with people outside their own borders unless it profits them. This study doesn’t just help other countries it also profits are own estimated 1.2 million people in the United States that have the virus.
Politics over Principle
I believe that we are going too far with over policies on terrorism, indefinite imprisonment on suspected terrorists is one thing, but to do that to our own citizens are pushing us to far into a fascist state. We honestly can’t be judicial example and example of freedom if we are going to use the practices that the USSR did to their own people. The Patriot Act was very close to crossing line of being to invasive and as well as seemed to tilt more towards loss of freedoms than to the side of security. I was surprised that Rand Paul actually stood up for the less conservative view that this is going too far and is inhibiting our freedoms. But once again it shows how the republicans are bullying to get their bad policies and bills passed and once they fail they blame Obama for signing them into law, which is completely backhanded and snake-like.

12/23/11  03:17am

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