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 Posting pics

im trying to post pics on this site and the size of pics is to big it say...... How can i make the size smaller

05/12/11  02:04pm


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  Message To: Dpoarch102   In reference to Message Id: 2218634

 Posting pics

im not the most computer savy guy but someone took the time to tell me so im gonna tell you what they told me:
goto upload your photos once uploaded click save and continue to my album, then find the pic u wanna post and right underneath it there is a bunch of like web addresses you want the img just click on it and it will say copied.
here is where it gets silly, so you make your post typed what you wanna type and now want to add a pic so hit image and (image) will appear but only with these [ instead of those), so beside it you paste the code you copied, then u hit end image and [image will appear after it all. the silly part is that when you hit image it comes up in brackets and then when you copy and paste it has its own image in brackets, and the photo will not appear because of these back to back [images. so what i do is get it all there and then delete the ones that come when u paste leaving only the image and end image that this site has put. sounds alot harder than it is but once you understand it its easy. good luck

05/16/11  11:19am

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