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 Ps3 help

i just noticed this section, and i dont know if this is what it is ment for so sorry if its not meant for my question. but how do i find my proxy serve, when i try to connect to the internet my ps3 asks for it. if i chose do not use, when teating i get a dns error

01/18/09  05:39am


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 Ps3 help

Well, im not the biggest computer geek but when i have the DNS ERROR sign it usually means that my router is not connected to the internet correctly. I dont know about the Proxy bit but that is what the DNS usually means.

Hope it helps,

02/04/09  02:48pm


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  Message To: Dazza12345789   In reference to Message Id: 1946680

 Ps3 help

call your internet provider...

02/25/09  12:14pm

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