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 Web site issue ??

hey I bee nhaving trouble with trying to get on this web site for the last week at home. Most the time i get an error message and that it .. and like tonight I got on finally ( been trying a lot ) and only just got on like 5 mintues before i made this post..

as for specs and other things only changed I had to the system is i gone from XP home to vista ( ulitmate 64 on th desktop ) and on my laptop the vista home premium(came with this on there) . I not sure what the deal is. I cna take the laptop to grandmothers and hit the neighbor’s wifi and get on more often but not there to net lol working most the day ... so I not sure if it on my end ,my isp, or if possible the webserver having issues.

System specs are

amd dual core 6000+ 64
2ghz ram
2 sata
geforce 8800 gs pcie 2.0 x16 (new today as was my last upgrade this year)
vista ulitmate 64 (os)
has everything else on board(sound,lan ,old video ) and there been nothing changes since vista was installed tuesday. so I hopnig there soem stupid little settign i needo tflip on/off) to keep gettign here .. anyhelp would be welcomed (outside of go back to xp that may not happen unless I am forced inot an older machine lol .

06/05/08  06:16pm


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  Message To: Mechnut450   In reference to Message Id: 1752843

 Web site issue ??


The site issue was not your computer. There were problems at the datacenter for the last few days. Hopefully everything is now resolved.

Doug - Webmaster

06/05/08  08:40pm


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  Message To: Webmaster   In reference to Message Id: 1752980

 Web site issue ??

oh ok i though I was gonig bonkers trying to figure out why one out of 50 in my favorites was acting odd . SPecially since i spend more time her now than I do with I played classic battletch .

06/05/08  08:50pm

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