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 Running more than 1 anti spyware program.... that ok?

i changed last night and i disabled the old one after installing the new one. though, i heard having a lot of protection was good.

changed from "Norton" antispyware and firewall to "SUPERAntiSpyware" and "ZoneAlarm" firewall.

i didnt like that Norton too much. it didnt do a very good job...

02/25/08  11:15am


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1637196

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

Use Spybot Search and Destroy Adaware free 2007..For Spyware

For general Malware-A-squared free

For viruses: AVG free, Avast free

For firewall: Zonealarm.

03/01/08  09:45pm


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  Message To: Winkpw   In reference to Message Id: 1644182

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

WOW!! thats a lot of programs. how does it work for the scanning? do i do the scans like on other progs ive had?

i cant have the SS& wont run on my computer for some reason. ive tried that....would SUPERAntiSpyware work the same?

i got a bad virus with Avast, though AGV i think i could try...

have ZoneAlarm...

Malware-A-squared? is that the name?

03/02/08  11:31pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1645587

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

You got a virus with Avast? Umm how did you pull that one off? Viruses don’t just come up like that...They need to be inside of the program you are downloading not just by random like ’oh hey i am on fox news...i got a virus ’. You seem to be having a lot of problems with your PC with certain programs not working? Can you give us a error message, and some computer specs.

03/04/08  06:27pm


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  Message To: Winkpw   In reference to Message Id: 1647913

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

ok. yes! i got a virues with Avast! it took out my windows and the only thing i had on my desktop was a pic! no icons... no toolbar.... i could only right click and get the task mgr. then i still could only go to that on my desktop. it was horrible!! though, i cant remember if i had a firewall at the time. since i though (or use to) that window defender was a firewall! i just assumed. ive since learn a lot about how to maintain a comp.

a message error likr this...

Instruction at "0x62304390" referenced memory at "0x62304390". the memory could not be read. click "ok" to terminate the program.

i get that and ones with different numbers, i guess when im at different places, only after browsing for a long time. it doesnt happen every time. havnt had one in a few days.

comp specs:

XP II pk
intel pentium III CPU
fam 1400MHz
1.14 GHz, 512 MB of ram
Quantum FireballP
Rage Fury Pro/Xpert 2000
the rest just Microsoft...

03/05/08  04:36am


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1648614

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

That is not a virus, files from sources like Avast don’t just come with viruses, unless a HACKER hacked Avast..And distributed malware which never happened...Seems like explorer.exe bugged out. I don’t know who you are getting your information from that everytime a system bugs out it is automatically a malware infection. Sometimes that increase in latency is malware..Sometimes that random process opening and closing is also malware..Not always...And to the error message I’d try running memtest86. Or re-try a installation. Or buy a new computer. And don’t buy the Walmart watered down PC’s. Make sure you are getting a pretty ’diesel’ PC..With at least 1gigabyte of memory, dual core processors. if you play video games make sure you aren’t getting a onboard based video chipset...Make sure you are getting a GPU (graphics processing unit.)
Just for fun I’ll post my PC specs

Win32 XP media center edition 32bit service pack2

2gig DDR2 533mhz RAM.

MSI K9n Neo motherboard

EVGA Geforce 8800 GTS 640mb video card

AMD Athlon 4200 dual core processor 2.21ghz

250 gigabyte hard drive

03/05/08  02:43pm


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  Message To: Winkpw   In reference to Message Id: 1649081

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

sorry. i didnt mean that Avast CAME with the virus, i just meant that i got a virus while having avast.

i asked on here about that virus/malware i got that lost the windows. no body knew what it was. my post is down below on that. the computer repair guy said it was a virus.

oh andd i just talked to my ISP guy and he said you could only get a virus through email. i thought that was funny since i barely even check my mail.

i really want to fix this comp, verses getting a new one. it is fast , not fast as it use to be, but faster than my mother in laws comp. maybe it just needs a cleaning done on it like a registry clean....

03/05/08  05:49pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1649379

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

You can get viruses through P2P, email, downloads. visiting sites with malware that connects to a server which later uploads a virus...

03/05/08  06:02pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1645587

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

I don’t know what type of websites you are going on to...And why your PC keeps getting viruses....Do you run Windows Update?

And don’t use Limewire, sometimes little script kiddies like myself will get your whole PC ’deleted’ even....

With commands like


I would stay far away from that place. And who are you bringing this computer to, to get fixed? I’d bring it to Geeksquad as crazy as it sounds at least it is a known name not some random hook up in the newspaper:) And I would try getting a new computer. And not a watered down one either....

03/05/08  06:06pm


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  Message To: Winkpw   In reference to Message Id: 1649395

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

Hey Mama ...I read this whole thread and I didn’t see what system OS you are using ? Are you windows xp or still some other?

I just built my computer with 2004-2005 technology and parts completed it in 2006 just when dual core broke out ...I thought i was on top of it flies compared to the 533mhz unit I had from Best buy circa 2000.

What are your paticulars ...I’ll go back and re-read. I had so many problems with my older computer it finally died. But I got a hammy down E- machine with 600 mhz clock speed but less ram That was back in the day , I could surf the net and e-mail but not listen to music at the same time

I run "Zone alarm pro" for a firewall ...cause I didn’t know about the free one at the time.Even though it is expired it is still working great. And if I ever want, I can just get the free one.(home version)

"Avast" (free version) for anti-virus ...never had an infection that disabled me yet. Always caught them and moved them to chest or delete.
"Adaware" for whatever spyware is out there and I have never had a problem with my windows xp.

These are three great programs and I can definately say do not use more than 1 antivirus at a time.

I love fixing my computer / upgrading it and I just fixed my brothers too.He was running windows xp with only 512 ram ...always hanging up and freezing and crashing. I know just enough to get in trouble

But I can link you to some better forums ...or post a specific question for you and get back to you.

Keep in touch.

04/08/08  01:22am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 1694112

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

I re read...ok you need another 512 k ram memory or as much as you can get are taxing the system xp requires more memory! Memory error ....yep double click on my computer far left just below adress bar in blue box if using default xp colors is SYSTEM TASKS.

Click on view system information. And it will show you your set up. you knew that huh? If you like I can send you a link ...CPU-Z or cupid .com the small file from where you find it (FREE) and it will tell you all about the ram you have and more when done click close and bookmark the site.
So you can always go back and do it again or save the program.

If you know what mother board you have I can tell you in 2 minutes how much memory it is capable of handling. If you don’t ...we can look inside MUUUAGGGHHH,

Actually you could take the side panel off and see if you have any memory slots left open . But we need to know what type of memory to get ? Good old fashion 100- 133 mhz or the better I hope DDR ...266 , 333, or 400. Let me know what you can.

04/08/08  01:44am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 1694128

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

I just looked up your processor and socket type....Socket 370 - Bus 133 MHz - 256 KB L2 Cache - Sku: BX80530C1200256 If this is true...

You have 133 MHz memory, as was the situation back in those days 512 is probably max you can get.

Not sure but it sounds like the comparable unit to my old AMD. If you are really lucky and you have 2 memory slots you could try two 512 sticks memory for 1gb total.

But my guess is you will have a more serious issue. I think it’s called system memory over run ....blah blah ...needless to say too much is not a good thing.Todays systems are using 1-2 Gb memory and speeds of 400 ddr ( double data rate ) are being surpassed by 533 -800 mhz on average.

Yes dear you are driving a classic that has seen better days. Put that baby in a museum.

04/08/08  02:06am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 1694136

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

hey... it cost me $100 bucks! you get what you pay

now, how did you look up my system??? the computer fix-it guy said the same thing about opening up the side and taking a looksey....i am sceered!!!! i will have my 17 yo do it! not me!!!

anywho... glad to know my puter sucks lol. believe me! it was fast when i got 2 yrs ago...

it freezes sometimes. and it used to shut down before i got all the good security on it. Avast!!!! ....i was shut down by a serious trojen while using Avast!! they told me, where i got it, Avast was one of the best. it dont like me!! plus, i googled the top antiviruses and Avast wasnt on the list. neother was Norton....another worthless software program!!

one of these days, when i move into the present, ill get a new computer. til then, we gotta get along...

thanks for the tips M-

04/11/08  01:37pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1698879

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

All computer cases can be opened by removing the thumb screws /and /or the phillips screws. It is easier than getting a humidifier for

So you turn it off ..unplug it,disconnect all printers and monitor / mouse/ blah blah. Get the case out of the desk or whatever and on an open work area.

Examine the case and remove the left panel as if facing from the front. That is the usual side to access the mother board. Use a phillips screw driver and remove as few screws as needed. Usually 4 , Slide the panel or 3 sided box off . Lay the case down so you are looking at the mother board and all the componets.

Then look carefully for the memory chip/s as the case is now laying on it’s side. You may want to dust and or vacuum.....LOL...lot’s of dust bunnies.

When you find the 2 slots (I have 4)one or both will have a memory chip in it. The clips that lock the chip usually are white and on the far left and right of the memory chip.

Push each one down and away from the memory chip and it will release it. At this point you just firmly lift/pull it up and out. They make it tight for a good connection. (be firm)

When putting them back be sure the key hole is lined up with the key , gently line it up and firmly push down evenly and the clips should move into the lock position all by themselves. A slight clik can be heard. Double check and make sure the clips are locked ,up and towards the memory chip.

Once you see the memory you can remove it and read the tag on it to Identify it. Write all this down and we will search for a replacement/ additional chip. The tags tell you who makes it and what kind , all in Greek usually.

Put it back in and close it all up and start up th PC.Here is a link with some pictures. This is easy stuff firm but gentle.

It really won’t break trust me...I am self taught and was so sceeered in the beggining.

Go online and use a memory upgrade (google) tool. They tell you who sells it and where to get it. Every one used to have this memory ...E bay still has it for pennies on the dollar,compared to when it was a big thing.

Remember the goal is to get 1 GB...512 x 2...I am sure you have two slots, maybe three ...even my old PC did. I had 2 x 256 running windows 98 it was fine...But today you need more. Windows XP is just so

I have added some pics ...and a link ..there are many websites that show pictures of how to add memory. Oh yeah if you hear the term wrist strap / grounding ....just touch something metal to ground yourself of any static electricity, before grabbing the memory chips. My desk is glass and metal. Sure ...yeah you can touch it

Get me the numbers and notes from the chip/s and I will hunt you down some. The key # I am looking for is coded like this ...
KVR/133/x64c2/128 as an example... I know that is Kingston 133 mhz. 128 ram.

If you or your 17 year old have questions I will answer.


04/11/08  03:41pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 1699077

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

ok. he opened it up and lookseyed. though, he didnt right anything down....

i have 2 chips that add up to 512 with one available slot left. the pc guy i go to fro repairs has chips ranging from $20-$700. not sure what the $20 one is, but i could call him again....

dont i need the whole number from the inside to find the right one? it begins with letters, right? hes still here so i might be able to get him to open it up again. if not, ill do it..

LOL your computer looks a hell of a lot cleaner than mine!! so much DUST!!! he blew it out with the air hose. my com’s working, so im guessing he didnt mess anything up....

04/12/08  09:05pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1700738

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

Mama take yer time go on e bay ...unless your comp guy is going to be your friend ...I wouldn’t even pay more than 20 bucks for 2 of of them . ....I will look for you ...

OK so you have 2 x 256 = 512
With an extra slot wooo hooo that means you could have (theoretically) 3x 512 ...yeah baby

The goal would be to find at least 1 512 chip possibly 2 ...then you could install 2x 512 + a 256 and put the other one in a drawer it on e bay.

I will search e bay for a while and see.

The reason my case is so clean ...I am always fooling with it ...and I dust it / vacuum it...heat build up is our enemy. You shoulda seen my old one ...I had no idea you were supposed to clean em

04/14/08  01:53am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 1702435

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

Hey I can mail this one to you free and you can try it ...I don’t need it’s like I was saving it just for this moment in time and space ....destiny

It’s only 128 ....256+256+128= 640 what the heck just slap it in the 3rd slot for now and if it starts right up it will post with the new specs. If it doesn’t start up or it hangs with a black screen just remove it and go back to square 1... You can start it up with the box open and just the monitor hooked up to see if windows loads...

Wow this is fun

Ok next ... go here and download this application or just open it from the site and it will show you all the specs that you have ...Motherboard / memory/ cpu/ really kool tool and it’s ads or spyware >>>I SWEAR

All us techie’s use this tool to find out what’s in the box without opening it

E_BAY here I come the tool bar 24/7 we live in a great

04/14/08  02:08am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 1702447

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

i checked out that link and really didnt understand... i did open that application though..

anywho... cant you download software for memory? or is that vid cards lol....i would like to get a good card. my son has probs with his games lagging and he gets booted a lot. i just changed to the "rage fury pro". but, i think i was suppose to do something else, like add a card or something....

you can mail it if you want, but i was going to just go out and get one in a couple of weeks...

04/14/08  04:35am


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1702495

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

No you can not down load memory or software for the memory.

Even If you add a great video card your computer might not be fast enough to make it work like it should...That’s why we need more ram.

If you just changed to the rage fury pro ...that is a card (graphics / video card) Who put it in ? What are the specs on the box is it PCI or AGP?...if agp ...2x or 4x or 8x

Ther’s a few on line placesyou could see the going prices for memory like Link


Remeber that the memory is like an old tv or radio ...somewhere they are just throwing it away. Even though it works hardly anyone wants it.

The program I directed you to open tells you what memory you have , the cas latency, (CL) the cpu (central processor unit) you have and I think the mother borad brand too and more.

Each file tab you click on gives you information about your system. All it is, is a decoder of sorts doesn’t do anything. It allows you to read the inside of your computer componets and parts.

SO when someone asks you, you can say I have blah blah blah ...

I wanted to know what memory you have and what cas (#) value was there usually a 2 or a 3.
I also wanted to know how many slots of memory were populated and with how much ram ....

But you looked inside and you said 2 of 3 are populated and you have 512....That would be way kool to have 3

Ok about the crashing and booting ...some games made today are way to intense for the older machines. The computer just can’t keep up.

Your video card needs to have at least 256 ram built in to it’s seperate and it can’t be added on to.

That’s what makes an expensive vid card memory as high as 512 is available...

I remember when 32 & 64 ram of video was cool That is soooo yesterday.

Do you have a PCI slot for the video card or is your machine AGP.....HAhA who am I kidding ..I’ll give you 20 crickets if you can answer that

This has been fun ...

And I am really glad your firewalls/antivirus is doing better. I know how frustrating that can be....Because I am so anal about this anti virus stuff I also use once in awhile an online program called Trend Mico Housecall. It is just another virus scanner that you use from the is also free.

I only use it as a check up thing should I ever pick up somthing that makes my system slow down.

It even tries to delete some of the joke files I got earthquake.exe

Oh well i am rambling..
Ok chat at you latter.

04/15/08  01:26pm


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 1704181

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

haha...i just downloaded it (rage fury pro..)! ok the game we have is Diablo11 (D2). it kept crashing and lagging so i went to a faq page on the site and it said i needed better vid card. and sent me to a site blah blah blah....from there i downloaded rage fury then, if i remember right, said it needed to find the right video card to go with that... wasnt an actual card. i just thought it would help run the game better.

these are the specs, i think....

ATI WDM Rage Theater Video
Sound, video and game controllers

Rage Fury Pro/Xpert 2000Pro

but, card just software. so, i probably dont have anything useful with that. i just downloaded because they said i needed it.. ((shrugs))

i think D2 is an older game..

04/15/08  05:30pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1704447

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

I read this post over as well, to be honest with all the problems your running into and outdated hardware within the machine, it may be best to retire this system and start over. If your video card can’t handle Diablo 2, that says a lot about its hardware hehe. You can try adding more memory, but I feel as if the hardware problems will only get worse, no clue.

04/16/08  10:39pm


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  Message To: Winkpw   In reference to Message Id: 1706173

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

Also, if you do decide to buy a new computer don’t be one of those ’buy a Mac’ people. Buy a windows Desktop model with at least 3GB, dual core processing, and a dedicated graphics processing unit for your sons game. My opinion is you should just ditch this system...Technology left it behind haha. You can buy a computer like I just described for about 899 dollars, pricey..But don’t ever go for the watered down computers in Walmart..I’ll laugh at you:)

04/16/08  10:48pm


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  Message To: Winkpw   In reference to Message Id: 1706178

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

LOL my mother in law just got a compaq from walmart...

why is it watrered down if it comes from walmart? is it like buying car parts at kragens???

04/17/08  01:54am


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1706261

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

Walmart is buying up some huge inventory and selling off the junk to the unsuspecting public ..yeah like your mom in law...ohhh geez ..well if she is really lucky maybe it was a fair deal. probably some close out stuff will be obsolete in 6 months ..but hey if it was/is better than what she had ,that’s a good thing , right?
But Wal-mart is not like a computer store... even the folks who help to take your money couldn’t help answer your questions.

Maybe you could list the specs/ model#
we could look it up and start bashing the PC right here

04/20/08  08:54pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1637196

 Running more than 1 anti spyware program....

Inb4pentium3 imo.

04/22/08  11:35am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 1710587

 Running more than 1 anti spy ware program....

hehehe.. here are the specs for her computer (mom in law):

i dont know what this is, but...ACPI x86-based pc?


manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard
model: Compaq SR5313WM
rating: 3.0 windows experience index
processor: AMD Athlon (tm) Processor LE-1620 2.40 ghz
memory: 894 mb
type: 32 bit os
OS: Vista

but, they added 1 card of memeory because it wouldnt take the Norton Antivirus program....

she just got this a couple of months ago. she had another Compaq from walmart that lasted her 5 years.

i hate Vista!! i am so used to my XP, its not funny. i was going nuts trying to find her

04/22/08  03:43pm

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