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 Ahhhh!!! help!!!

ok. this is getting annoying! on the forums...where someone is posting a only getting half of the pics to fully come up! GRRR!! its on every forum!!! ive gone to other sites and have --no problem. but then i come back here and...GRRR!!! lol. is it my computer or something going on here. i dont think anyone else is having this prob. i just got my com back from shop to get virus removed and dont have any other probs so far...knock on wood! lol. can anyone help me??? anyone??? thanks for any reply. M-

03/19/07  01:23am


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1214176

 Ahhhh!!! help!!!

This was given to me:


As for posting pics, I upload my photo’s on the photobucket then they have a section where you can copy the IMG code and paste it into the forum,and your image shows up.

[**IMG][/Image**] (with no*’s) will make the image show up (the code is typed out in photobucket). As for how to load them from the photo list, I amnot sure, but just try clicking on the link below the text box when you ar eposting a thread that is called Get your photo list, and you can prolly post it from there... just try it, the worst that will happen is the photo’s don’t work, but then you can reply to your messege and try again.


04/30/07  01:38pm

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