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 Can a hard drive jam

Hi just looking for some info off any computer minded people. Recently our computer stopped working one minute I was on the internet the next it had switched itself off. When we turned it back on we got up the page saying it had not been shut down properly and did we want to start windows normally or using safe mode ect but whatever we chose it took us round in circles restarting then again ending up at the same screen. This happened once before and I ended up using a system restore by accident and resetting the computer to its factory settings. So we called across an uncle who knows a lot about computers. Reading some of the codes he discovered that windows appeared to be corrupted which was why we couldnít get on. Since the computer has all the recovery and everything partitioned off we had no restore disks so he came back and brought a windows disk with him. He tried to restart the computer in several different ways by loading windows up, hoping to safe our photos etc. But had no luck. Next he tried to find our documents using commands but as far as he could find there was nothing on the hard drive. After this we decided to admit defeat and carry out the system restore which would wipe all our saved documents and restore the computer to its factory settings. However when we tried this it refused to do it. My uncle said that he could do it by wiping the disks and reinstalling windows but he wanted to try something else first since he had not worked with partitioned drives before and was unsure what he could format. He hoped that if he connected the drive to his computer he could access our files that way before using windows to get the system, running again. He managed this with success but when he plugged the computer back in it loaded up normally and everything was there just as it had been before it crashed. My uncle said it was almost like it had jammed. Just really looking for reasons and an explanation of what happened. Anyone got any ideas?

01/03/07  11:41am


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  Message To: Shrimply   In reference to Message Id: 1117429

 Can a hard drive jam

sry cant help u there

02/14/07  08:11pm


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  Message To: Jonnie_03   In reference to Message Id: 1173676

 Can a hard drive jam

iíve never heard of a hard drive jammin, but i guess it could happen. Have you tried re-formatin it with the Windows cd? If you canít, you can always purchase a new hard drive. They are fairly cheap nowadays. good luck!

02/26/07  04:23am


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  Message To: Tunedbeat   In reference to Message Id: 1188031

 Can a hard drive jam

it sounds to me like you have what is also known as the Click of death... Your hard drive fried itself when you had either a power serge our a Brownout. But also given the situation Id try to get your info off the hard drive as best as possible. Try to find a Data Rcoveory program and mirror it to the new drive. If you have an other questions please respond asap. GL

04/13/07  12:33am


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  Message To: Redial   In reference to Message Id: 1244335

 Can a hard drive jam

you can call the company who made your PC (HP, etc) and ask for tech help... I had that problem and ended up doing a complete recovery (lost everything) you can reload windows from Link or type MS Windows downloads into your search box and find the right program for your PC

04/30/07  01:51pm

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