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 Help with city restrictions on keeping herps.

Hi everyone, I am looking for some help in changing the legislation in the city of Alhambra, California. According to the city, "no reptile of any kind except (3) king snakes shall be allowed to be kept in the city". I just moved here from Los Angeles and hate to have to give up all my reps because of the city laws. I currently have 5 sulcatas, 4 bearded dragons, 2 Burmese pythons, 2 chameleons and 3 ball pythons. As you can see I really love and enjoy reptiles but after numerous calls and even pleading in person with city hall, they have told me over and over again that I will have to give up my reptiles. I know there are a lot of restrictions and "red tape" we herps face every day due to our love for our reps but I never thought I would be faced with one that says I can not keep "all and any reptiles except (3) king snakes". If anyone out there has had experience with changing the laws of your city to allow the keeping to reps, PLEASE HELP!!!!
Thank you in advance and good herping.

04/26/05  05:37am

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