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 New to site an looking for some ideas


my nick is angelba, I have a RTB, her name is alchemy, she is mommas baby. i heard about this site from a friend, so i figured i would give it a try, i am looking to redo my cage for my girl. right now it is 3.08 ft L X 1.58ft W X 6.1 ft H it has 3 tiers to it the top one is for her to stay warm and curl around her tree limb, the middle one is for her to just go to when she wants and the bottom one is where she goes get in her water tub and where she does her business. it is made out of wood and clear hard plastic, i want to take it apart and redo it, and not sure what to use to coat it in, and seal it with, any ideas could be helpful, i am open for any of em right about now. this is a pic of her, she is very gentle, and i want her to have a good place to be in, and be comfortable in. ty for your time to read this. if any ideas please feel free to let me know

10/19/08  07:44pm

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