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Choppers Mommy
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 Phoenix Arizona

So I’m new to the whole reptile world, but diggin it.
Any one from Phoenix Arizona want to get together at the herp show in nov? Or any other time?
I’m in Deer Valley near the I-17/101.
Give me a shout!

10/19/08  12:16am


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  Message To: Choppers Mommy   In reference to Message Id: 1883301

 Phoenix Arizona

I would like to but I can be very busy sometimes! I have a juvenile bearded dragon named Tike! He would probably like it too ! I live in the maricopa county ! I also don’t know if my parents will let me ! I have never been to a reptile show before! I don’t know if you have updated this recently because it is no where near November it is April 2010!

04/11/10  10:07pm


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  Message To: Sjanetsky   In reference to Message Id: 2139933

 Phoenix Arizona

Hi choppers Mom! I’m from Sierra Vista, AZ! I wonder if by the Herb-Show you meant the Reptile Expo! I was at the one here in Tucson the end of August, I know Phoenix was gonna be next for that back then! As my previous poster mentioned, it’s been a while since then! Did you ever make it? How’d you like it? I can’t wait to go again to the one coming up in August here! I bought two wonderful beaded dragons there, since the guy who had them was the only one in the place that couldn’t accept cards, he had the least business. I wound up buying two bearded dragons for him for combined 80$, crazy cheap compared to most sotre where you pay easily more than that for just one! My dragons a beautiful, growing and loving and very healthy. I got a good deal and amvery happy! I will go again this year and buy a bigger cage for them !

04/13/10  12:04pm

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