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 Starting rescue operation,low on funds

i’m starting a herp rescue operation,i’m low on funds,though.i’m gonna talk to my local pet store owner and see if they would help me with anything,but besides from that,i got no one but my grandmother,lol.if anyone has any tanks,lights,ect...anything would help.if anyone knows anyone that may be interested in funding it it would help me out sooooooooo much.for some info about this operation,at this time i cant take mutch,but if it can fit in a 10,20 or29 gallon tank,i can take it no matter what the problem.once i get going,i hope to be able to rescue as large as iguanas and monitors,but that is a ways away yet. any animal i take will be healed and or nursed back to health and kept with me or given to my pet store to be put up for sale,and not just to anybody,either.this pet store asks a bucket load of questions about the animal you are taking.what are you going to keep it in,how much research have you done,what will you feed it,ect,ect,ect..........anyway,i cant take snakes at the moment,my landlord wont allow it.i talked them into letting us have a dog when they had a no pet policy,so i may be able to talk them into letting me have can keep updated on my condition by checking out the rescues and adoptions forums.

08/08/08  03:49pm


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 Starting rescue operation,low on funds

Where are you from? I think it’s a great idea! U should also talk to the animal shelters, they do take reptiles too! Maybe they can help with a little supply, u nurse the animals bacxk to health so they can adopt them out. Saves them a lot of vetcosts and you can help and do what you love and know they help you adpt them out again as well!

You should also consider breeding your own worms. It’s easy to do and inexpensive to start out, it’s give you lots of treats and help with food. You can also talk to your local supermakret for vegetables! A lot of times they toss out salad or veggies that are still good but simply have been laying there a day too long and they r not allowed to sell it or can’t because of a yellow leave of two! Knowing how much my beardies wulf down on veggies and stuff, food cost can run quite high!

Eventually when your thing is up and running and you wanna expand you can always rent a storeage unit, they do have them with Airconditioning and security ect- you could set up your snakes in there, just make sure all is triple secured in any way and you won’t have to answer to your landlord! I know one of our petstores actually is set up ini a Uhaul-Storeage Unit and runs officially their store from there. They are outgrowing it (they have two conjoined units) and will be moving in to a real store the end of this month! We have PetsWest and Fish’nPets here and Fish’n Pets is the one in the storeageunit and so much better, most of all more affordable than petswest.! Anywho, these r just a few tips, oh an I don’t know if you can officially register as a Recue STation for the herps, but you should find out and if yes, do it! This will give you an officiall registration and help you get help for your mission, people like official proof f things when it comes to give things.

04/13/10  12:16pm

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