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 MORE Ren Fest Pics

Ok, these are from this last Sat & Sun.

"God Bless The Queen!"

Smilie the Gator on the Fence

Daniel & I in the Parade

Another parade Shot

Daniel & I on the Fence

Neat Structure

Me in Costume

Many shops

Lizards on Fence

Flag Shop


Dress Shop

My Son


09/21/04  2:22pm


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  Message To: Carmelita   In reference to Message Id: 146423

 MORE Ren Fest Pics

I forgot to say some things....
The picture of Felix’s is just this tiny little shop, but it is "thee place" to buy your costume. I broke down and bought a bodice and a skirt.....$90, and that was cheap compared to some.....the bodices can get quite expensive. But now I have a custom fit one, that I can wear every year, instead of borrowing from the society.

This last weekend My son & I stayed overnight at the cottage, and boy, did I learn a few things.....

During the day can be fun.....but the REAL fun starts at night....when the festival closes, the patrons leave, and the only ones on the grounds are employees.....I had no Idea of the activites that go on at night....LOTS of parties..... there is a wide screen where they show movies.....there are dances......and there is a talent contest. It was PACKED!!! It is amazing that anyone ever gets any sleep with all the raquet that goes on after dark. I can’t wait for this next weekend! I will be volunteering Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

09/21/04  3:46pm


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  Message To: Carmelita   In reference to Message Id: 146458

 MORE Ren Fest Pics

Well, the weekend was alot of fun, but VERY exausting! I overslept for work this morning, cuz I got home so late, and by the time I unpacked and everything.....well it was LATE!

I forgot to bring the camera with this time though....

Saturday night was what they call the "Cast Party".....whoah....I think I am a little too old for that kind of was wild....alot of half dressed girls pole dancing, and one of our members (male) was actually the pole for some of these girls....I can’t believe how some people behave in public!
I left the cast party and went back to the cottage and played cards instead.

09/27/04  1:57pm

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