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 Will not eat crickets

Any hints on how to get my lizard to eat anything other than mealworms? When we got him from the petstore he was obviously very hungry. They said they fed him once a week! He ate crickets like they were going out of style. Once we gave him mealworms though, that is all he will eat. I give the worms oats and veggies and dust them with calcium although it doesn’t stick very well, but I feel like he is smaller and thinner than when we got him. He is very active and now that he has a companion, (she loves crickets) seems very happy. Any hints? I have tried not feeding for a few days then offering crickets. No luck. They crawl right over him and he ignores them.

12/18/12  11:40pm


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 Will not eat crickets

Can you get roaches ...and baby mice?? collard lizards are carnivores / insectivores...maybe they eat a wild flower now and again...prickly pear from cactus??

meal worms are very fatty and little to 0 protein must find something else or he will suffer a long slow process which can lead to liver complications and death.

Phoenix worms...aka Calci works are small but packed with calcium and nutrition. Wax worms are another fatty treat worm...horn worms and silk worms raised by various insect companies are safe as well as very nutritious

Mulberry farms in California and New York worms is where we order from...they have roaches as well.

12/24/12  04:32pm

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