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 What To Do?

I just found a young collard Lizard in our trash can in garage. I thought they hibernate before now the end of Oct here in Pahrump, NV and has cooled down alot in the 60’s now. What should I do with it?. If I put it outside will it still have time to hibernate and survive? Where should I turn it lose at in our yard? we have alot of gravel landscape and some flower beds. Please help me with this anyone if you know. I want it to survive but can’t really keep it through winter don’t have the equipment to do so. Thanks a bunch. Pam

10/23/12  12:56pm


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 What To Do?

You can keep it in the dark in the garage at room temps as low as 50F . You can simulate hibernation that way. Or you can let it loose and allow it to seek it’s own burrow. If you bring it inside to 75F and up it might burn all the fat stores and be very weak without eating , but you could feed it and offer certain vegetation / salad / water to hydrate it.

10/27/12  08:09pm

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