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 Yellow Headed Collared Lizard Breeder??

anyone a breed. know a breeder or know where to get a pair? i cannot find them anywhere in stores and online. please help

01/09/12  05:39pm


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  Message To: This_Kids_   In reference to Message Id: 2250396

 Yellow Headed Collared Lizard Breeder??

They sell all kinds of collared lizards at the rocky mountain reptile expo maybe they’ll have some near you.

01/11/12  08:37pm


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  Message To: Baja   In reference to Message Id: 2250664

 Yellow Headed Collared Lizard Breeder?? is the website I would suggest.
The Kingsnake classifieds have a wide range of good AND bad... I got lucky, and bought my original trio from Jeff Roseberry. Even though the male was only half-grown, they were breeding about a month aafter I got them out of the shipping box.
However, mine were two female naturals and a male aqua. I don’t even know if he HAS any yellows, although, if he does, I’ll endorse him as far as both lizard care and customer service are concerned.
I do know that Eve, who runs the Suncharmers website, DOES have yellowheads, and is generally considered to be THE go-to person of collareds. She was having emails email issues when I was looking for my own lizards, which was how I discovered Roseberry.

01/12/12  02:30am

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