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 Please Help Me!!

HI! i MIGHT be getting a collared lizard (i doubt it) but i need to know some stuff!

1. Can they have a substare of multch? just wondering

2. can they have a screen cage? this cage has a small bottom, but a tall top.


07/25/11  04:05pm


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 Please Help Me!!

1. No mulch. It’s natural for them to lick and taste the ground, but they can’t digest wood, so mulch is sking for trouble. Many people, including myself are fine with playsand. others prefer paper or tile.
2. No. I understand the kind of cage you’re referring to. One of those tall mesh ones that people use for chameleons and stuff like that. They’re good for what they’re good for, but a collared needs more length. A big 3 or 4 foot tank with a screen cover is your best bet. 75s are great. 40 breeders aren’t bad. 55s can sometimes be problematic, do to their narrowness.
It is possible to use some of the mesh cages sideways, if you shop around online for right undertray. My bullsnake, for example, lives in a 260-gallon Apogee Reptarium that’s positioned sideways, and it works great for him, because my apartment is hot and he’s a moderate-temperature reptile. But collareds like it HOT. If you tried keeping all the air in a mesh cage warm enough for one not only would the room become much hotter, but you’d send your electric bill through the roof in doing so.
The best lizards for those taller cages are geckos, anoles, chameleons... look for something smallish that would rather spend all day climbing in a bush than running around on the ground and you’ve gor the right idea.

08/01/11  07:35pm

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