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 New here & I have eggs!! :)

So I purchased 2 Eastern Collard Lizards from a guy who worked at a local pet store. The female was already gravid when I got them. Yesterday she was digging away in her egg box and then disappeared until I got home from work tonight. I took her to another room and removed the egg box and begin digging and removing sand with a paint brush. Way down at the bottom I found 3 eggs!
Now I’m super excited but extremely worried, although I am very experienced as a reptile mommy, I have never had one lay eggs nor did I expect them to come this soon. I had no vermiculite so I used a few inches of potting soil in a container with a lid that I poked holes in. I also misted the soil with a water bottle before adding the eggs. My plan was to use my extra 10 gallon tank to put the egg container in and use a heat bulb on top, but it will be occupied with my infant bearded until Friday when I get his 40 gallon breeder. So I put the tub in my chameleons screened in-closure, she is also an infant and has plenty of room even with the bowl inside, but the temperature and humidity are perfect for the eggs. One egg is showing the red bulls-eye as they call it, the other looks and feels the same but no red mark and the third seems a bit different, it feels the same but is much whiter. So my question is, will they be ok in the soil and in the chameleon’s cage until Friday? I really hated to do this but I know she will not mess with the bowl and it was too late to get the vermiculite once I got home from work.

11/24/10  12:29am


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 New here & I have eggs!! :)

The reason behind using vermiculite and /or perlite and /or HATCHRITE (commercial mixture) is because the inorganic products thwart mold and fungal growth. Soils and organic mediums will promote the growth and you may have a battle on your hands.

Make the mixture of vermiculite , available at Home Depot / Lowes By weight, 8 oz vermiculuite ...8 oz water. If that is not enough add more. Mix and make a dough ball ...wring out all the excess water by hand and you should now be ready to go. Place the proper amount of vermiculite into a container and make small depressions in the vermiculite with your thumb / finger so that when you transfer the eggs they will sit as you direct them too.

Mark the eggs with a marker ...just a small dot to remember which side is up and that way you won’t kill the embryo with rotation or being upside down. Transfer the eggs and leave the lid if any off, since as you say, you have the perfect humidity in the enclosure. I can see that will work as long as the temps are 78-82 F you should have hungry collards in 65 -75 days.

I read from one person that if mold or fungus developes it is usually part of the human error of not washing your hands too...?? Also someone said that foot powder that kills fungus is good to combat fungus / mold...I never tried it but might this spring. isuppose a sprinkle here and there in the surrounding soil might do the trick.

Best of Luck to you ...collars can be fascinatingly mean ...LOL


11/28/10  11:10pm


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Are you thinking on selling them??

11/28/10  11:18pm

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