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 Found Lizards different species please advise

This is too weird! I thought I would log on and ask you all for advice. We recently moved into a home which backs unto open space (large meadowin Colorado), pretty high elevation.

5 days ago my husband found a Eastern Collared Liazard (I googled it and am pretty sure) - gourgeous dude with black red and yellow stripes, in the window well of our basement. We ignorantly put it in a jar to get hiom out of the basement and show our kids (he was really friendly and acted really comfartable around me when we caught him, didn’t struggle or anything) and then we let him go by the back fence because we figured he just got trapped and we wanted to do what was best for him (i.e., letting him go home). Now...5 days later... about two hours ago, I heard our one cat freaking out and went downstairsto the basement to find that same dang lizard in the middle of the hallway between our media room and guest room threatening my cat all puffed up! (quite humerous really and I assured the cat didn’t touch him):) I caught him relatively easily and again he was very calm with me and didn’t fight when I caught him, and I discovered that someone had left the window cracked with a hole in the screen where the frame was bent. As I went to put him back outside I discovered yet another lizard sitting on the sill!!! This one per my google search appears to be a "six-lined race runner". I just put both in the window well and closed the window. My question is from what I have read, should we keep them, and if so can they live together? and if not, from what I have read everywhere it would appear that the behavior of the little collared lizard would indicate he has been kept in captivity and would not be native to this climate and thus letting him go again as my husband would like to do might be cruel? Am i right or wrong on this end? I have not been able to catch the race runner yet so I have no idea how "tame" he is or if him falling in that well at the same time was just some odd fluke or if both of them are hanging out or what? I know absolutely zero about reptiles or lizards so am hoping you all can help me make the best decision for these poor little guys who have been suddenly dropped in our laps.

08/06/10  03:35pm


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 Found Lizards different species please advise

Collared lizards do live in Colorado, but they’re finicky about where. Is there a sunny area around that gets strong southwestern exposure during the afternoon? That’s you’re release area. Do it early in the morning, so there’s time to get comfortable before night-time. A new male can have it rough until he finds his area, but if there are red markings I suspect you have a female.
Racerunners, I don’t know much about, but I do that even though collareds live in small, loosely organized groups in the wild that work out territorial agreements, they still spend most of their awake time alone. Interaction with other lizards consists of eating them if they are small enough to eat, running from them if they are large enough to be eaten by, fighting with them if they are an immediate threat, or ignoring them, under stress, for a little while, when there is a lot of room for both of them to get away from each other if things get strange.

Lizards DO have have physical language protocols for reducing stress somewhat, but different types have different languages, so a lot of the messages come out very, very wrong.

08/08/10  01:06am

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