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 Is my eastern collared a boy or girl??

i just bought an eastern collared lizard about 2 weeks ago and i was wandering what sex it is. i think its a girl from what ive read. its mostly greenish brown with, ofcourse, the lighter brighter greenish spots that run from the back, down the tail. but im starting to notice that its starting to get a little bit of orange where, im guessing its ears are at. i guess there ears because there the little holes on the sides of the head. im not sure if its a girl because its not so colorful right now. or if its a boy, and just too young to tell because it hasnt matured into a full grown adult. i got it at petco and the associate told me that it was probably around a couple month old....if u could help me out i would really appreciate it...thanks!!

07/24/10  04:47pm

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