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 New need help!!!

I’m thinking about getting a beautiful Eastern Collard Lizard,12 by 12 by 12 tank...substrate,hiding places,basking,light,etc...But I have a really important question!Do EASTERN Collard Lizards eat freeze dried crickets,mealworms,etc?Please tell me as soon as possible!

06/10/10  10:52pm


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 New need help!!!

First of all, that tank is way too small. We’re talking about a species that can easily jump two feet. 40 gallons are the generally accepted minimum. There’s a little argument about 30s versus 40s, because both sizes come in a 36X18 version... whether or not the 30 will work depends on how high the lizard likes to jump. Some need the extra inches of height provided by the 40 just so they aren’t banging their noses against the screen a lot. A 12" cube might last a hatchling until it was a couple of months old, but even that’s iffy, due to the difficulty in providing the correct thermal gradient consistantly in such a small area. I start batches of hatchlings in a 29, and then seperate them out as they grow.
Once they get to a certain size, if they aren’t going completely insane in a cage that small then you can rest asssured the temperature is too low. The coolest part of the cage floor should still be in the upper 80s during the day, and the basking area should be VERY hot, as in triple digit hot. You can stick them in a too-small cage with a basking spot of 90 and have them maybe seem okay for a few months, but it isn’t the way to actually keep them.
About the other question: sometimes they’ll eat preserved stuff, or even vegetables, but not real consistantly. You need to keep mixing up their diet to keep them interested, and a lot of the time the only thing they’re interested in is live insects. The only time I can actually go through a whole batch of canned bugs faster than it expires is right after two females lay eggs simulataneously. That’s with he "canned in water" stuff that supposedly maintains more nutrients. Freeze-dried has a better shelf-life but still isn’t going to interest the lizard as consistantly as live bugs do. Also, since their digestive system is usually more omnivorous than their palate, it’s good to be able to gutload your own insects. I buy enough crickets to last a good while, and feed them mostly on herp-friendly vegetables such as zuchini, so when they get eaten they provide a more balanced diet than a regular grain-fed one would. I aslo use those same vegetables as the moisture source for mealworms and superworms. Preserved insects are often advertised as gutloaded, but there’s a difference between feeding it high-calcium grains and high-calcium vegetables... namely, that lizards aren’t really designed for digesting grains.

06/11/10  01:57pm

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