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 Looking to get another Collared lizard.

I am looking into getting another collared as mine died recently, we have no idea what was wrong with him, He was eating fine, drinking fine, His light blew out one night and I didnt have any regular bulbs nor did I have a extra uv bulb, theres no pet stores in our town cept for one 25+ miles away, he went into hybernate sleep or w/e when the light goes out, it was only out for ONE night and the next day I headed to the store to get a new uv bulb. Came home and went to put it in and he was stiff! it wasnt even cold that night!

but anyway, I would really love to get another, and have and am still doing more research on them to see if I can figure out what was wrong, nothings still coming up, I’ve checked all reptile sites and such and cant find any that are in stock and would really prefer to get one from a healthy breeder instead god knows what somewhere else, I’ve Msg’ed but still havnt gotten any reply from them. thanks


04/19/10  11:33pm

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