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 I’m back

Been gone for awhile just thought i’d see how everyone’s doing.

04/06/10  10:33pm


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 I’m back

Chica is holding her eggs forever again, just like she did last year. Still climbs around and eats and seems OK, though. Lupe and Pancho tried to hibernate, but they’re okay now. Pancho is still pretty small, but seems healthy.
I still have Cesar and Nino from last year. Cesar inherited Lupe’s size and Pancho’s blueness. He’s a great lizard. It’s too bad I don’t have any females that aren’t related to him, or I’d totally keep him, but I just don’t have room for huge tanks with one lizard each in them. Nino is also blue, probably my brightest one actually, and is also bigger than Pancho, but he’s not THAT much bigger than Pancho, and he’s a little harder than the opthers to keep weight on. Today I started a regimen of avian supplements for his water dish to see if that makes any difference. I mean, he’d seem okay if I didn’t have the other lizards to compare him to, but since I do... it just seems like he should be a little heftier.

04/10/10  08:50pm


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  Message To: JackAsp   In reference to Message Id: 2139688

 I’m back

Sounds good my male just breed with my female

I’m expecting to have some pretty cool babies and my male from last year is doing great now too
After brumation

This was him last year

Also my male anole just reached ten years

I’m very happy with how things are going.
Also post some pics Jack.

04/11/10  01:09pm

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