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 Does anyone know???

ok. i have two texas collard lizards. one is a female the other a male. the male is probally 6 or 7 years old, the female 1 or 2. for the past couple of weeks the male will not eat or open his eyes. i have been force feeding him but he is so skinny to the point where you can see his bones. when i pick him up he just goes limp in my hands and doesnt move. i dont know if its because he is getting old or its something else. i have tried looking up on the computer of collard lizard life expectancy but i cant find anything. if anyone could, please help me. i dont want to loose my lizard.

09/02/09  07:58pm


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 Does anyone know???

first do you have a uv bulb if not get one second if you do have a uv bulb it could just be failure to thrive.

09/02/09  09:24pm


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  Message To: Reptileruler1   In reference to Message Id: 2066889

 Does anyone know???

Wildcaught adults often last another 10-12 years. I woiuld raise the basking spot to 135 and maximize their UVA. That means use as much clear, bright, natural-looking lighting as you can possibly get away with without overheating. Hang stuff near but over the cage if you have to. Switch the timer to a 14-15 hour day if it’s not on one already. If it is, try upping daylight to 16. If he’s sleeping late, gently boost him onto the basking spot in the morning so his system gets going. If he goes back into the hide at mid-day, gently boost him back into the sun again. Don’t do it over and over and over, but encourage him to keep thinking twice about going into hibernation. His system can’t handle it ight now. For the eyes, use regular eyedrops.
This all assumes that there’s no deeper more sinister underlying cause. if it’s biological in nature, then he’ll need a vet to prescribe antibiotics.

09/04/09  05:00pm

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