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Cody james
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  leopard lizard

does antone know were to find a leopard lizard care sheet?

07/12/09  07:05pm


Jared T
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  Message To: Cody james   In reference to Message Id: 2038206

  leopard lizard

Google it?

I believe they’re desert lizards. So.... give them a desert tank!

Supply proper basking area temps with light(s), I believe those would be kinda hot, seeing as they live in the desert, and also provide a UVA/UVB repti-sun 10.0 tube light. Keep the cage kinda dry, like the desert.

Feed crickets, grasshoppers, any insects that aren’t associated in areas that have pesticides. Like maybe your yard...

Gutload crickets with proteins and or dust them. You can order crickets online and everything else you need if you don’t have a supplier near you. Use google!!!!

07/15/09  10:44pm


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  Message To: Jared T   In reference to Message Id: 2040085

  leopard lizard

temps should be high 70’s to low 80’s with a warm side of 90 and a basking area of 100-112 also they will eat some plant matter.

07/16/09  10:45am


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  Message To: Reptileruler1   In reference to Message Id: 2040261

  leopard lizard

talk to someone called lizardmomma shes a member on here and I believe she has 4

07/26/09  08:14pm

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