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 Collard Lizard Tank Mates

Is there any other lizard that lives in the desert that can be housed with a collard lizard?

06/01/09  06:41pm


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  Message To: Dabomb5   In reference to Message Id: 2014729

 Collard Lizard Tank Mates

only other collared lizards and can’t have two males.

06/02/09  12:08pm


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  Message To: Reptileruler1   In reference to Message Id: 2015133

 Collard Lizard Tank Mates

It may be out of the ordinary but I took pity on 3 Collared Lizards that the local reptile guy was going to send back to the distributor. The smallest male, a Great Basin Collared had a wound on his back, the male and female Eastern Collards were seriously underweight. They were all 3 housed together.

I bought the tiny Great Basin home first. I visited the other 2 several times. 2 weeks later when the store owner told me he was going to return them, I took pity on them and took them both home. I put them with their old cage mate and they have been together for 1 year and 5 months. They bask together and sleep together in a burrow they dug out under their basking perch. They seem very, very social. Is this odd for this type of lizard? Any comments? I have a picture of them all huddled together sleeping but I don’t know how to post it!!!

12/10/11  05:47am


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  Message To: Mc5fan1968   In reference to Message Id: 2246681

 Collard Lizard Tank Mates

I think alot depends on the environment. I have 8 female and 5 male collareds, 1 male and 1 female desert horned lizard and a rescued male leopard lizard. They live in a 6x6x3 foot enclosure and get along wonderfully. They all pile on top of each other at the heat stations - no fighting just basking. I have had them for over a year and a half. I will post pictures in the next couple of days. The general rule is to NOT put males together, but with all rules there are exceptions... You definitely DO NOT want to put them in with smaller lizards because the collareds will (possibly) make a meal out of them.

I hope that helps.


12/24/11  02:39am

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