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last time i posted on here was july of 2007.. hmm.. well anyway..

it’s been quite a trip with my collared lizard, Maverick. some time last year (probably early october) Maverick decided it would be a good idea to crawl between the sand in his tank and the background in his tank (made out of styrofoam covered in.. i don’t even remember what.. painted and sealed). well apparently he got stuck there overnight, by his legs, and i found him the next day and i thought he was dead. i freaked out and ripped his tank apart to get him out and he was still alive, just really groggy and in shock. his legs were twisted and swollen and i thought they were both broken. i rushed him to the vet where they did xrays and bloodwork and gave me the option of euthenizing him or keeping him there overnight, where they were so sure he wouldn’t make it. so despite the fact that i’m a broke college student, i paid the $600 vet bill to keep him overnight. got him back the next day and found out that his legs were in fact NOT broken. just really swollen. he was also impacted. so for 2 weeks i had to syringe feed him soft dog food and soak him in water. the toes on his right back foot eventually died and fell off (except one). i removed every little speck of sand from his tank and put down terrarium carpet. his tank got really boring because i’m afraid he’s going to get stuck under something again. it’s pretty sad. he can’t really run anymore. he walks really awkwardly.. it’s more like a waddle. he prefers to spend his days sleeping in his log after basking for only 2 or 3 hours and eating. and at some point he decided he hates me. he hisses at me and lunges at my hand. but it’s been almost 2 years since i’ve been able to pick him up. he decided to latch onto one of my fingers and not let go for 10 minutes and i haven’t been able to handle him since. poor guy.

old pictures (when he liked me and had all of his toes):

all the way to the right is where he got stuck.

new (he’s pissed that i woke him up to take a picture of his lame foot.):

04/07/09  09:20pm


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  Message To: Zucc   In reference to Message Id: 1982039


I love your pics /and your set up is really cool!CHIP

04/07/09  09:34pm


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  Message To: Chippychop   In reference to Message Id: 1982054


To me, the fact that they can warm up or cool down to a person, depending on what experiences they’ve had with them, is proof of their intelligence. Getting stuck behind the background isn’t such good proof of intelligence, but, hey, humans do stupider things than that every day, so who are we to point fingers?
Was it one of those Exo Terra things? I bought a couple of them at a reptile show for my collareds and had held off on using them because I thought all the crickets and roaches might end up behind them. Lizards getting wedged is even worse. I don’t think the females would be bad. Chica was very aggressive about learning every inch and crevice at first, then, then stopped worryijg about it, and Lupe was pretty much just "Rock’s here, food’s there? OK, I’m good," but Pancho still patrols EVERYWHERE; I can easily see him doing the same thing as Maverick.

04/07/09  10:05pm


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  Message To: JackAsp   In reference to Message Id: 1982089


awsome I,m glad to here that /I love collards they are the best lizard ever!and i agree with you on the level of intelligence they are so smart.ok talk to you later CHIP

04/08/09  12:36pm


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  Message To: Chippychop   In reference to Message Id: 1982334


I really am struck by your loyalty to your animal and yes they are intelligent and just wanted to say I’m sorry that your lizard has been so cool to you after the incident. A lesson to us all don’t make your tanks dangerous to your lizards, they do like to play and jump around but the tank has to at the same time
1-be easy to clean
2-be safe from possible injuries
3-and not have hiding places for the live food that they can’t get at.
I had a bridge that the crickets simply hung upside down out of reach on and when the lizards were sleeping (they are very deep sleepers!!)they prowled,
I had a piece of cork in which the crickets tunneled into and I had to throw it away,
I had a piece of bark they liked to cling to it got soiled and started to stink, so I got a 30 dollar aquarium piece I plugged up the holes and they like it and I know I can clean it. Sand it better than mulch because crickets can’t hide in it, superworms either.
And they love to dig...

04/08/09  07:07pm


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  Message To: Mcdean   In reference to Message Id: 1982526


no it wasn’t an exo terra thing. it was something i made for his tank that worked splendidly for 2 years until he decided to be stupid. i definitely learned a lesson there. while it was functional and he sure did like it, it wasn’t worth him losing his legs or his life.

mcdean, that’s a nice tank ya got there.

04/08/09  07:17pm

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