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 Chuckwalla Help


I am a proud owner of a Chuckwalla for almost a month now. His setup is a 36" wide x 12" deep aquarium. He has one UVB lamp and two basking lamps. Basking temp is around 100-110 F depending on where he is. At night, temps are around 76 F. Humidity is about 40 - 50 during the day and at night it varies in between 65-85. I know that is high, but I live in an are that is very humid and we have a lot of rain this year. I ordered a dehumidifier to fix this issue. Should be here in a few days.

He mainly eats lettuce (romain), collard greens, carrots and cucumber and some apples. He eats a lot daily and usually poops daily. He also seems to pee a lot.

I got rid of the sand substrate to avoid impaction and lower the humidity. I have replaced with news paper and waiting on repti carpet I ordered

I have been having trouble making him shed. He is retaining some shed here and there. I would really appreciate some info on the shedding process (time and intervals). I have searched on Google and got different info and wasn’t sure what to believe/trust. Also, he has a very small yellow spot and a few green ones here and there on two of his legs and below his belly. I really hope this isn’t Yellow Fungus (CANV).

Any help would be really appreciated as I am doing my best to take care of him

07/28/17  04:29pm


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 Chuckwalla Help

Is there anybody still around on this forum? I have searched a lot on Chuckwalla info, but it is hard to find. I’ve changed my search to Uromastyx (vet recommended that, since they are similar in a way).

I finally got my dehumidifier. It helped with the humidity. I also got a fan to get air circulating. I don’t think I can do much more about this.

I hope I get some input soon. I want this little guy to thrive.

08/03/17  04:44pm


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  Message To: Desertdream   In reference to Message Id: 2320975

 Chuckwalla Help

Here is some additionnal info:

1) How long have you owned the animal.

A little more than a month. Spent one year at the pet shop.

2) Dimensions of the enclosure you are using. Measure it- do not guess or give gallon size


3) Species (if known), length, and weight of the animal
Arizona Red Chuckwalla.
12" long from head to tail

4) Listing of all animals kept in the enclosure referred to in the post

Spent an unknown period of time with a Uromastyx at the pet store

4) Basking spot temperature and how that temperature was measured

Varies so much with my infrared temp gun. Probably 100-110 F.

5) Temperature throughout the rest of the enclosure (warm and cool areas) and how these temperatures were measured e.g. digital thermometer, stick on dial thermometer. Provide the nighttime temperatures as well.

Cool: 82-88 F. Warm: 90-92 F

7) Acknowledge whether you are using a UVB bulb and if so, the brand, age of bulb, and distance from the bulb to the Chuckwalla

Reptisun 10.0. A little more than a month old. About 13 inches from him.

8) Diet items being fed and how often each item is fed
Mainly Collard greens mixed with lettuce and carrot shavings. Sometimes add apples, strawberries, cabbage, etc. Feed once a day in between 4:30 - 5:30 PM.

9) List of the supplements being used, how much is used, and how often the supplement is used

Rep-cal about once every two days. A sprinkle. Not sure of quantity. I know, sprinkle is very subjective.

10) Type of substrate (cage bottom material). If this is sand, state whether it is calcium sand

Newspaper changed everyday or two. Waiting on Repti-carpet

11) Describe your animal’s daily routine. When it exits the hide, when it retreats for the night, how long it is usually out throughout the day, is it active during this time, how much time does it spend sitting on the basking spot….

Lights on at around 5:30 AM. Stays wherever he slept for about 1-1.5 hours. Once good and warm he moves around, basks, eats, basks, eats, etc. In the afternoon he hops around, scratches window. Sometimes does the pancake in the morning (always worries me). Towards the end of the afternoon he will do the pancake in a the cooler area of the viv.

12) Describe your animal’s appetite.

He eats a lot. A bowl of greens a day. Sometimes a little less

13) Describe any unusual behaviors you are seeing or any recent changes in behavior. Also note whether any recent modifications have been made to this animal’s environment. e.g new enclosure, move to another room, new heat bulb....

For the past few days he has changed a bit. He his now using his hide (half piece of wood that doesn’t cover his whole body) and stays there a bit. He never used to do that. Maybe he knows his environment better!? He also puffs up sometimes in that hide. Not sure what is stressing him. I have a fan and dehumidifier rolling for a bout a week now. Didn’t seem to bother him much when first installed. He was agressive last evening also and he was darker than usual. Didn’t want to be touched. Today he was fine. Was able to get him out and run around on my bed.

14) Describe how often this animal is handled and the type of handling.

About once a day. Doesn’t like to be kept in my hand so I let him run around on my bed. Will puff up in my hand sometimes. Afterwards he doesn’t (after playing on bed).

15) State whether the animal has been to a vet, when that was, and whether the animal was diagnosed with a medical condition. Also state whether the uromastyx has ever had a fecal check. If so states when the fecal check was done, what was found, and if medication was prescribed.

Vet three weeks ago. Conjuctivitis. Eye drops for a week. Eye is now fine. No fecal check. She did weight him, manipulate around his belly, check his heart beat, etc.

As mentionne earlier in my other posts, humidity is a little high, but I can’t do much more to control it. Lots of rain and very humid this summer. Goes up quite a bit at night. That worries me.

08/05/17  02:35pm

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