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 UVB and Other Questions

I’ve seen many care sheets and they all mention UVB light. Does it have to be a spot light or can I use florescent? I have a few new/unopened 18 inch florescents with 7% UVB left over and if I can use those without having to buy more new stuff, that would be awesome.

I also have a lot of empty/unused tanks. Should I start with a 30 gallon for a baby chuckwalla (about 3.5-4 inches) or put him right into the 75 gallon?

I’ve seen caresheets that say to stay away from sand because of impacting and others that say sand is best for the chuckwalla. This is why I hate care sheets and would rather just talk to people with years of experience owning these animals and all other reptiles in general. If I use sand, should it be play sand or calcium sand?

For heating (and I know these guys like it hot and dry) I have three 250w ceramic heat emitters. I like these things because I can keep them on all the time and they last a long time. Also, not having to buy too much stuff would be great. I like using what I already have. Would one be okay for the 30 gallon tank and two for the 75 gallon or is that too much heat?

I’m not new to lizards. I currently own an argus monitor so I can’t imagine a chuckwalla being that difficult to care for. I already bought the chuckwalla, but I won’t be picking him up until I get everything and have the setup heated and ready.

03/25/12  12:26pm

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