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 OK I have a question

I just lost my beloved iguana Squeaker and was thinking about getting another pet lizard that was also a herbivore and saw the chuckwalla and desert iguana as two choices that didnt look at all like my dearly departed common green iguana. I was wondering what books to read and internet websites to look at. I dont plan on getting one right away since i would like to grieve. and also which would be good to have with a dog because i was thinking of getting that as well to help with things

07/05/11  09:11pm


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 OK I have a question

Hi there,
Sorry to hear about your loss..I was looking for an iguana as well when I found my chuckwalla. I’ve got plenty of good tips from this forum, but here are a couple of good sites.

07/08/11  12:57pm


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  Message To: Whatsupchuck   In reference to Message Id: 2228038

 OK I have a question

im really sorry to hear of your loss. the relationship is often one that others can not comprehend the intensity of and is just the same as losing any loved one.

there is much to learn about chuckwallas but you already have a head start having owned an iguana (RIP)
their diet needs are exactly the same, no animal protein and a very vaired plant matter diet.
both species can become very tame if bought as hatchlings captive breds, though from what i have heard chuckwallas are most tame and having two CB hatchling chuckwallas myself can confirm that they do make great companions.

i think it is very important that you do grieve as you said but having a new pet can make a huge difference. you were used to provding care and love to an animal and being able to do that again, in the phsyical sense, could ease the feelings of your loss as you develop a new relationship.

the main difference between the average iguana and these desert dwelling iguanas is obviously their environment. chucks and desert igs like it very very hot. basking temperatures of up to 130f.

they like green iguanas require a lot of space and in proportion to thier size a considerable amount because they are incredibly active species. so you are looking at a 5ftx2x3 for one to two.

they are both great climbers though do not require an aborial vivarium. they are no so well co-ordinated lol. and climb best on larger surfaces and not very well on vines or branches lol, they will often fall if the surface area is not beneath all four feet!

the links mentioned above are very useful and it is worth reading the following case study into chuckwalla husbandry

and Melissa Kaplans work is very useful

take care and good luck with your new pet(s)

07/13/11  12:46am

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