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I am thinking about getting 1 but and have done lots of research. I also know they are similar to uros. But can you keep them in groups? I know it is highly unrecommended for uros and i would never do it but what about chuckwallas?

01/26/10  03:52pm


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from my two chuckys i would say Don’t keep them in groups, they love to bite and i wouldn’t recomend keeping them in a pair even, they are highly terratorial and i have taken my female chucky to the vet saveral times. the only time she doesn’t get bitten is when the male is’nt there.

04/13/10  03:24pm


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yes you can keep them in groups but only with one male. if you house more than male in a viv they will try and kill each other! they are massively territorial even as young as 5 months.

the ideal if you want more than one would be one male and one female but you can have two females with a male.
in the wild males will have several females in their teritory but do remember that you are cramping them by having them captive and a vivarium should be 5ft or larger for a pair to avoid confrontation.
usually in this case there will be one female slighty more dominant then the other but they tend to get along fine, just watch out to see that no individual is being overly dominated by another and they are all around equal size. of course males will always be slightly bigger - usually!

females that are unwilling to mate will often bite and attack males that bother them. i havnt heard of males attacking females before.... but they are all individual after all. sometimes males attempting to mate can look like they are attacking females as they will bite the neck or shoulder area of the female when attempting to mount and once mounted.
when reptiles are kept in captivity mating can happen at any time rather then the usual mating season because the climate we provide is out of sink with the natural one.

females should be mature if living with a male throughout mating seasons, do not allow young females with males during mating season until they are three years old or you may have a fatally egg bound chuck on your hands.

if your male and female are not getting along then you are right to keep them seperate.

remember plenty of hides should be provided, especially if you have more then one chuck to an enclosure. they need their own space away from each other. i know i wouldnt like to be kept in a room for years with my other half without a break from each other, i think we may end up biting chunks out of each other too! lol.

07/12/11  08:50pm

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