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 New pet

Hi, I am looking into getting myself another lil reptile, i currently have a Uromastyx and he is about to move up into a new viv, so i have another one to spare... its 3x1.5x1.5ft and was wondering if this would be suitable for a chuckwalla? Also, are they strictly herbivourus or will they enjoy a bug now and again? Whats the deal with handling these lil guys, can they be held or do they prefer to be left alone, like Uros? If there is anywhere i can get some good, up to date info on here links would be hugely appreciated!!


10/29/09  08:12am


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  Message To: Keejane   In reference to Message Id: 2089624

 New pet

You can get some @ They have some top-notch Uromastyx and Chuckwallas.
I have seen some Uros that were almost solid tangerine orange.

11/13/09  10:24pm


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  Message To: Keejane   In reference to Message Id: 2089624

 New pet

Are you still interested. I have a yearling i bought from a local breeder and ill let him go for 140

07/24/10  04:53pm


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  Message To: Willadams0713   In reference to Message Id: 2164765

 New pet

They are not as "tame" as Uromastyx in general - the US types from Nevada and such. They tend to be flighty and will open-mouth gape if you try to handle them. I think they’re cool as heck, but they are not for the keeper type who has to pick the animals up and play with them.

11/04/10  11:25am


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  Message To: Krusty   In reference to Message Id: 2185626

 New pet

i wouldnt agree at all!
i have two male nevada chucks, both captive bred and they really love to come out and play.
they will jump out of their vivs onto me and run all over me.
i never picked them up i simply left my hand in the vivarium and let them come to me once they reliased i was not a threat they starting climbing all over me.
i hand fed a lot too.
they will dash to a hide if i walk in the room too quickly or make a very sudden movement but they really are tame and seem to love interaction.
if you get a young captive bred hatchling and you take your time with it and be patient then you will be rewarded with a very tame chuckwalla that you can get out often.

my boys like to sit on my shoulder in the living room when i watch tv, they will run around on the sofa for an adventure and then come back to sit on my shoulder.

they just need time to trust you and for the keeper not to try and put their hands on them all the time.

if you get WC you are unlikely to have a tame chuck. captive bred yearlings can be very fiesty to begin with but if you are willing to be patient and do things on their terms, you can have a very nice time chuck.

07/12/11  09:09pm


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  Message To: Lovemychucks   In reference to Message Id: 2228779

 New pet

I have to agree w/ Lovemychucks. My chuck is the most tame reptile I’ve ever owned. I am pretty sure he was bred in captivity so I dont know about the wild caught ones, but if you can get a captive chuck, I’d highly recommend it!

07/15/11  11:37am

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