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 Just want to know

This guy has been through a lot. I bought him and found out he had mites. I had to get rid of them and I’m almost sure they gone. The breeder didn’t know about it and actually I believe him because he is from Deer farms or whatever it is. I wasn’t thrilled with it but now he is good and happy.

07/30/09  02:48pm


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  Message To: Reptiman123   In reference to Message Id: 2048069

 Just want to know

oops missing pictures and the main point. Um... So he is a Calico and he is a baby I just want to know how he looks.

This is a picture of him. I named him Norris you can probably guess why hehe. Think Chuckwallas and then try to taking a part out.

07/30/09  02:50pm


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  Message To: Reptiman123   In reference to Message Id: 2048071

 Just want to know

He’s shedding but seems to be having some trouble and some blueish skin is coming out but is that ok? I don’t know why it is so it is blueish orange. Should I give him a mist? He is a little bit skittery but usually just sits and sleeps afterwards. I mean he isn’t incredibly active but never was.

07/30/09  02:52pm


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  Message To: Reptiman123   In reference to Message Id: 2048072

 Just want to know

Did you get em at Deer Fern Farms. He is my Dad’s 2nd Cousin.

08/11/09  04:41pm


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  Message To: CLee   In reference to Message Id: 2054993

 Just want to know

Yes, actually everything is cool. He made up for it in the end but the chuckwallas was in bad condition. It wasn’t his fault mine was bought from someone else then sold to me. He didn’t know it was that way. I didn’t say what was wrong because he was very good and I would buy from him again.

08/11/09  06:47pm


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  Message To: Reptiman123   In reference to Message Id: 2055071

 Just want to know

he looks rather skinny but its hard to tell from that picture.

i would give him soaks in a warm bath daily for around twenty mins. this is only if it does not stress him too much.

this should help with his shedding and you can removes bits of skin that are not coming away by gently dabbing at them with a wet cotton wall bud. do be gentle though as it can be very sensitive.

the shedding issues may be due to the mites, dehydration or both.

make sure his food is moist and try and get hold of some nasturtium as this will help boost his immune system.

bee pollen granules are also great and any sort of squash.

make sure he is getting a varied diet, you can look at my other posts to see a few examples ive given.

i would use supplements daily with him at the moment as hes been through a rough time. calicum with D3 and a multivitamin such as nutrobal.

what lighting are you providing for him?
What thermal gradient is provided and basking temp?

keep a close eye on the mites as they often return. any wood you had in the viv should be chucked and you should have replaced the substrate. its prob a good idea to use paper towels while you are trying to improve his overall condition and this will help you monitor mites, faeces and urates.

his whole vivarium and all contents should have been steralised with a reptile cleaning agents, boiled and stones should have been baked in the oven at the hottest temperature for half an hour or more.

walls of the viv need disinfecting and steralising over and over and over! lol.

whats his appetite like? a healthy chuck should eat loads and be very active during the day.

avoid handling for the moment as the stress will not help improve his condition. you can still interact with him but give him time to hiself.

a hide under the bask spot never goes a miss!

07/12/11  09:01pm

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