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 A friendly face

I am not usually on this forum, but I had to let you know what a great experience I had. I live near Chicago and frequent Brookfield Zoo. When I was in looking at the reptiles last week, I came upon the enclosure which housed a pair of Chuckwallas and another smaller lizard. One Chuckwalla was hiding and sleeping. The little lizard was annoyed that I wanted to take pictures and if he could speak English he would have been cussing me out for sure. The other larger Chuckwalla came right up to the window, smiled and posed for me as if to say howdy. I wanted to scoop him up and give him a big hug. He did this a couple times and followed me around , posing for pictures and seeming to enjoy my attention. Are they all this friendly? How do they differ from beardies or BTSs-I have both at home.

07/08/09  12:37am


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 A friendly face

captive bred chuckwallas that have been around humans from a very young age in my experience are friendly as friendly as any domestic cat.

they love to watch what you are doing, listen to you talk, they will happily be handled and seem to really like being stroked in certain places, this differs with each one like it does with a cat i suppose.

mine will run all over my furniture and then come back to sit with me. i guess this is prob because i am warm lol.
they like to snuggle themselves up against the back of my kneck and will jump out of thier vivariums to climb on me.

they lick quite a lot which is really sweet. obviously this is just them investigating.

they can be very skittish at times and dont like sudden movements and loud sounds though.

in my experience chuckwallas are more active than beardies and much more intelligent.
though chuckwallas are harder work in my opinion as they require a very varied plant matter only diet.

they are really great fun to watch as they will do flips, run, jump and climb loads and if youve got the environment right for them.

they also make a lot of mess, producing a lot of waste and being untidy eaters!
im so glad their watse doesnt smell like beardies waste though lol.

07/12/11  09:18pm

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