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 Meal worms for jacksons?

My wife and I just got a jacksons a few weeks ago. At first he didnít want to eat but after a day he went back to eating like a champ(we figured he was just getting used to his cage). However since its coming on a month now he doesnít want to eat as much. Before we could put a couple crickets in his cage and he would eat them within minutes. Now we will put in like 3 and he may eat one but the others will sit in there for a long time I usually have to end up switching out crickets so they donít die in his cage. We figured that maybe he needs a little change in diet he may be bored w/ his food since crickets was all he got at the pet store. when we went to get meal worms the lady at the pet shop said not to give meal worms to a jacksons and if we did we would have to cut the heads of them off first or he would get parasites. Since I researched jacksons chams before I bought one most people said it was necessary to switch out crickets every once in a while and meal worms were a good thing to do it w/ but this was the first i heard of the decapitation to prevent parasites. Any suggestions please?

01/05/08  08:55pm


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 Meal worms for jacksons?

Try reposting this in the Chameleons forum and good luck on getting your little guy feeding again. In the meantime I would suggest checking all the usual things such as:

  • humidity
  • temps
  • night/day cycle(lighting)
  • his droppings(are they runny?)
  • misting enough/access to water
  • stress(is he in a wide open space with lots of traffic?)

    These are all just the first things that come to my mind. I am by NO means an expert or even a close to being above a novice with chameleons as I have never kept one myself. They are a finicky group of lizards from what I understand so moving this post over to the right forum may yield much MUCH more promising results than what I can give.

    Good Luck,

  • 01/05/08  10:12pm

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