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 Easy to care for?

basically, are chucks ok for someone who has never had a lizard, about how much would they cost to get, and how much would it cost to set up the tank etc?

09/22/07  10:45pm


Funky munky
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  Message To: Brandonman   In reference to Message Id: 1453505

 Easy to care for?

Well, basically the chuckwalla is a lizard that has high needs, so when you ask how much they cost I wouldnt know all mine are WC.

But as for the setup and costs, I think i can help, the chuckwalla needs a very large tank, usually 30 for a baby, and 100 for an adult which can cost anywere from 80-100 bucks just for the tank, as for substrate and decorations probably about 25-30 bucks.

as for the lighting and heating they need a basking spot of 100 F and UVB and maybe flourecent, usually for everything its about 50 bucks.

But If you are willing to provide the neccecary requirements then they can make awesome pets.

BUt if i were you I wouldnt get a chuck as my first Lizard, I would go for something like a bearded dragon, they are alot easier for beginners.

If their is anything else you need to know, dont hesitate to ask.

09/23/07  01:43am


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  Message To: Funky munky   In reference to Message Id: 1453682

 Easy to care for?

100 GALLON? Thatíd be fairly large. I think Iíll go with a crested gecko. Thanks for the info!

09/23/07  01:45pm


Lizard boy 101
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  Message To: Brandonman   In reference to Message Id: 1454076

 Easy to care for?

Quick ?...y such a large enclosure for an 18inch animal(just out of curiosity


09/23/07  02:54pm


Funky munky
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  Message To: Lizard boy 101   In reference to Message Id: 1454176

 Easy to care for?

My mistake, I meant 100 for a pair and 50 for one.

I keep mine in 100 just because hes a wild caught and he is used to alot of space, also so he can have room to roam around, and forage.

Cresteds are nice too.

sorry About that

09/23/07  03:34pm


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  Message To: Funky munky   In reference to Message Id: 1454236

 Easy to care for?

in inches(HxWxL) how big is a 50 gallon tnk?

thnks in advance

03/09/08  07:27am


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  Message To: Morgs71   In reference to Message Id: 1653692

 Easy to care for?

A 50 gallon is 36 7/8 x 19 x 19 5/8, to be precise. I would personally recommend 48x24x24 for one or a pair, with bigger being far better. They are very active in my experience, more so than beardies etc. Mine are always hopping about on their logs and things.

I would suggest though that a hotter basking spot might be appreciated - these are true desert species, and love the heat! We have a basking spot of just over 125F and they frequently sit on the hottest part, soaking up the heat.

03/09/08  05:45pm


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  Message To: Johelian   In reference to Message Id: 1654281

 Easy to care for?

Chuckwallas usually come from the area in or near Phoenix Arizona into parts of Mexico. there is a park here in Phoenix where the Chuckwalla males have a bright red tail. Unfortunately, it is illegal to capture them. But if you can mimic the weather patterns of Phoenix, you should have a happy healthy Chuck.
As far as tank size, no matter what the animal, bigger is almost always better.

03/20/08  06:20pm

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