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 Info needed

how big do these guys get and how big of a enclosure will they need as an adult?

06/03/07  10:24pm


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  Message To: ShellBabe   In reference to Message Id: 1304922

 Info needed

Chuckwallas can get up tp 18" and need a pretty large cage as an adult. In my opinion at least a 90-100 gal. for one and a 150 gal. for a pair.


06/04/07  12:48pm


Funky munky
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  Message To: Dallas0218   In reference to Message Id: 1305499

 Info needed

yeah they need alot of space, im building an outside enclosure thats about 13í x 8í

iíll post pics when its finished.

06/07/07  03:14am


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  Message To: Funky munky   In reference to Message Id: 1309142

 Info needed

Why donít you just go through with that deal you made with your dad and get a beardie, the lizard species your looking into are not for someone who has never owned any reptiles, such as yourself.


06/07/07  11:00pm

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