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 Illegal or not

is a chukwalla illegal to have in california

02/04/07  06:57pm


Funky munky
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  Message To: Newbreed   In reference to Message Id: 1160849

 Illegal or not

not that i know of ive owned two for about 3 years now

i caugt mine though

02/23/07  12:02pm


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  Message To: Funky munky   In reference to Message Id: 1184412

 Illegal or not

Isn’t catching a wild reptile ILLEGAL!!???????

03/10/07  11:36am


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  Message To: Ssbill   In reference to Message Id: 1204251

 Illegal or not

hey funky munky where do u catch them at i live in mojave

03/10/07  04:26pm


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  Message To: Spike_boy   In reference to Message Id: 1204520

 Illegal or not

well im about to catch some today i live ca apple valley

04/03/07  01:42pm


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  Message To: Newbreed   In reference to Message Id: 1232408

 Illegal or not

Everything is illegal in Kalifornia!

03/20/08  06:28pm


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  Message To: Bkrdave36   In reference to Message Id: 1668996

 Illegal or not

It’s legal to catch / possess 2 in California with the purchase of a sport fishing license. It is illegal to collect in state parks, national monuments, etc. so make sure that it’s legal to collect in your chosen location. Chucks can be a challenge to acclimate and are not "easy keepers", older adults may never acclimate to being kept in an aquarium. Make sure you’re prepared before you bring your captives home. In California it’s illegal to release herps that have been in captivity, so once you bring them home you’re making a big commitment.

Try to collect a small juvenile under 3" SVL

Have a 60 gallon tank minimum

Have lots of rocks, with tight hiding places

Tape paper or some other opaque material to 3 sides (they feel insecure in glass tanks)

Have a digital thermometer with a probe to check temperatures or a Tempgun

UVB lights (I really like the mercury vapors for these guys)

Set up a hot basking site that reaches ~120 degrees F; an elevated site works best (you want the cool side to be in the low 80s), you’ll have to play with the height to get the temperature right

And, be prepared to make their daily salads for the next 15+ years

Make sure you’re ready to properly provide for your chuck before you decide to take one out of its habitat.

03/23/08  09:04pm

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